Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm reading and learning about the
  Love Languages from Gary Chapmans book all over again!
Learning how to meet my children's love needs is something I need to learn again. And it's been good learning what mine are too.

Mine is face to face Quality time and Gifts.
Whats your Love language? Do you know? Find out??:)
Not only that but this book also helps pinpoint 
the love languages of your significant other 
and even all other relationships. Because its basically all 
the same, and lets face it we all have
different needs, and ways that we feel treasured and loved.
Learning that has been opening my eyes to where I drop the ball in some of my relationships. I understand the people in my life better when I see what speaks to their heart…then comes the ACTION part:) God will have to help me in that area!
So yes I'm definitely recommending this to you guys you won't regret reading it for sure!

Moving on to something fun for Friday and the weekend.
Here's some at home ingredients you can use at home that work and are AMAZING!

-Wheat Germ Oil
Available in health food stores, wheat germ oil is effective in 
keeping skin elastic, and preventing and treating stretch marks!
You can use this on your tummy and breast area.

-Sweet almond oil
Also available at health food stores, almond oil is ideal for removing makeup,helping eyelashes grow, and as a moisturizer for extremely dry skin. It also soothes sunburned skin. Wow isn't this product awesome!! When I buy this it last forever and it cost me only $6bucks…WINNING:)

Happy Friday&weekend Lovelies!

with much love, this girls journey


  1. My husband and I read this book during our premarital counseling and we just revisited it again over the summer, it was amazing!!! As a wife, I love knowing how my husband likes to be loved so I can meet that need. We even made "Hint Lists" of things we can do for each other using their love language. It takes the guessing out of it all, I love it!

  2. heard of the benefits of wheat germ and almonds but never heard of either of them as oils. So you just apply them topically.
    In regards to skin elasticity is it just eating the wheat germ or is it applying it topically as well???

    thank you so much for sharing. Such a blessing!