Monday, February 13, 2012

Luv da Nails&weekend update:)

 The day was filled with soft snow. Yummy hot tea for my
sore throat. Old movies while folding a massive amount of laundry. A typical but perfect Monday:)
But I also did this!
Fun Valentine nails!!!! This is all you need to create this look.
I got this idea from JulieAnnArt check out her blog:)
And we made these!
Valentines Sugar cookies bought and placed in the oven by sweet Jaz:))
Any reason she has to make cookies or cake is a WINNING DAY !
And here's a short and sweet weekend recap.
*Date night turned out great but not as we had planed it. We missed our movie by 10min. Had our supper in the car(because we ordered to go on the idea we were short on time for the movie) and I cried and laughed with my hubby about it. Because I realized we are in such a great place. That we can recover from these little mishaps and love each other even more afterwards.
I mean come on we've been married almost 12years now! Romance for us has gone way beyond waiting for Valentines Day to celebrate our love:)
*Hubby surprised me with some news that I'm still on cloud 9 about......but i can't tell you....…YET!!
*Menards. Painting. Building a loft for the boys.
My hubby was ambitious as always and he and Uncle Bryce built something awesome for the boys!-Pictures coming soon!
My house although is a huge MESS!!
Hopefully by tomorrow i will have this house under control!
Plleeeaaasssee Lord help me:)
Praying your day was filled with some sweet joy and
plan on giving some LOVE tomorrow whether you have a Valentine or not. Everyone loves to be reminded or told that you love them and were thinking of them..So do it!
Love always comes pouring back into the lives of those who give it:)

Happy Monday Lovelies!! 
with much love, this girls journey

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  1. I'm so jealous of your snow and winter weather! That is so good that you and your husband can let those little bumps roll off your back, that is something that has taken me so long to do but my husband is my perfect match and always helps me to.