Sunday, February 26, 2012

Restful Sunday and The award goes too....:))

Sunday morning can bring all kinds of madness..
The rush to get kids dressed eat breakfast brush their teeth and in the car to go is liking running a marathon!..well I'm assuming so because although i have never ran one its got to be just as tough if not less so:)
Today there was no such rush..
Today my cramps got the best of me. 
Today since the kids were out of town with 
the gramps i had no such pressure from everyone to rush rush rush to church.
Sleeping is good. Rest was needed. Thank the lord for this day of REST!!
His gift to us and a very sweet present it is.. I LOVE SUNDAYS:)

Now that this show is over for me:(...until next season starts!
I have been reading more.LOL!
But tonight is The Academy Awards and I'm stoked!!!
Its like what the Super Bowl is for guys and i look forward to watching this all year
I even pretend I'm one of the voters and write my predictions ahead of time...
I know weird but its just so exciting for me:)
Looking at their faces when their names are called wondering what they must be feeling how nerve wrecking
it must be to want to win and still show the cameras that your also a good looser...
well at least have a good losing face:)
The many faces of the Academy Awards:
trying to think good thought about my opponents! 

yes its a honor to be in this category but i want to WIN PEOPLE!!
Please just say who won already!!..keep smiling....
OK so no one really makes this face when they loose...on camera anyway!
I WON I WON!! 1st I'd like to thank GOD.....yeah that's right JOY from the View
i thank God 1ST!! You'd probably just thank your dog sad lady:((
FYI..The award was made available by Elijah&Jonah:))

 Does anyone else think it would be a blast to get dressed up 
and go to one of these awards show?!! I DO:)

Well I hope you guys have enjoyed your weekend. 
Lets find joy in the simplest things today.
Lets treasure our time with family and friends.
Lets be present and enjoy this day of rest like nobodies business:)

P.S. I'm definitely voting for Viola & the French man who i can pronounce his name in that silent film
i still haven't see :0)
What are your votes?!!!
with much love, this girls journey

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