Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taco Tuesday;)

Shopping for Tuesdays supper makes me laugh.
We all know if its Tuesday its TACO TUESDAY:)

Our 7year old princess Jasmine decided this, since I don't even remember when...

So here I was shopping our local Hy-vee searching for some idea what to make tonight and then it hit me..:)
Its Tuesday duh!!! So just grab some shells, sour cream and salsa
and your set chicA!

Taking joy in the simple things today. 
Like watching Violet play with her grandpa Jose this morning was pure JOY. I'm so thankful to have my daddy still..
Thanking God and thinking that I'm in need of vocalizing my thankfulness more and more.

What are you most thankful for today? 
Are you finding JOY in the simple things?
Tell me:)

Here are some pictures of our Violet Joy sporting her new shoes from HaddyGrace Designs.

They are so soft and comfy on your little ones feet.
And these are the best shoes for high arched and small feet.
Violet has three other HaddyGrace shoes and they are the best fit!
We love them so much!!:)

See she loves her shoes!!

Ruthann is the creator/designer of this awesome shop. 
She's an amazing woman.
And she is my friend:)
 Packed with a load of talent she continues to inspire 
and amaze me with all she does!! She is a mama a 4 too!! 

Go check out her Etsy shop here: HaddyGracedesigns Shop
And her blog here: HaddyGracedesigns

You will love the beautiful things she makes for your precious kids!!

Happy Taco Tuesday Lovelies!!!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. Christy, have you read the book "1000 gifts"?? You NEED to if you haven't... I am reading it and it is about thankfulness and has changed my life! Love you, pretty girl :)

  2. I'm so glad your daddy is here still, too! I sure do love that man!!! And haven't seen him for the LONGEST time!!!!! But enjoy your tacos! Love you much!

  3. I will tell you said that:)) And I don't even like tacos LOL!! Its all for Jaz:)

  4. I love your dad. :( I'm so glad he is here!!!

    Also. i am reading the book Libby just mentioned. READ IT! SO GOOD!

  5. :) thanks for the vote of confidence!! Taco Tuesday is such a wonderful idea!!!!

  6. I'm finding joy in the family in Christ that God has placed me in. i honestly was so encouraged and cheered up by all of them tonight serving at my home church that it just broke me to pieces... Just that He would show me His love by using others... Such a blessing ;)