Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday:)

Things that have been on my heart this Thursday..
Finished treasure for a pretty Bridesmaid:)
My daughter JasmineRose and her  heart!!
Being her mother and leading, guiding her through girlfriend drama is
already tough! Praying for more wisdom. I need to start reading "bringing up girls"ASAP!
Dreaming of our future house..the wrap around porches get me every time!!!

Secret doorways..

Log houses!!!! Buying a house is coming and soon:))

LOVE notes from my LOVE:)

Looking forward to Summer Date night ..ROMANCE!


This just made me giggle like crazzyyy!!!

So me:)

Many little somethings filled my day. 
Busy busy BBuzziiii little bee was I:)
It felt fantastic to tie loose ends.
Finished projects. Received new inspiration.
 Praying for new vision and loving my Thursday afternoon.
Don't you just love when sweet inspiration comes?..I do
It can get easy to get lost in the mundane day to day 
activities. Its been a busy week. Not bad. Just busy!
With that I'll leave you lovelies to a goodnight
Happy Thursday Loves!

with much love, this girls journey


  1. aww love these :) your little girl is beautiful!

  2. glad you had a productive day girl :). I can't wait to have a daughter someday but I can only imagine how hard it will be emotionally as she gets older. Such a crazy world they are coming into! :/


  3. ahhh i'm so looking forward to summer date nights! and both of those homes are amazing! wrap around porches are so dreamy!

  4. I love wrap around porches as well! Your daughter is the cutest!