Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday thoughts..If you asked me:)

Today I'm borrowing an idea i got from Casey Weigands blog
whom I ADORE! 
If your not already following her check her out here: Caseys BLOG

Its called If you asked me..

If you asked me I would tell you watching Kelly Rippa on this mornings show air in Hawaii made me feel a tad bit depressed....

If you asked me I would tell you i crave adventure and travel daily.

If you asked me i would tell you learning to be content with where i am in this season in life is a constant struggle that i have to lay down at the foot of Christ.

If you asked me i would tell you my dream job would be Samantha Browns from the travel channel:)

If you asked me I would tell you I sometimes feel frustrated that i cannot devote more time to my Etsy shop and i desire to treat it more like a business rather then a hobby..
but its all exhausting when i try to push it..

If you asked me i would tell you God is replacing that need of mine to be understood and liked with confidence and trust in his love for me. I no longer feel that pull on my heart to always speak and explain myself and when I do I know how to pray about it now and call it by name:)

If you asked me I would tell you I'm praying about something big... and i need courage to plan and walk forward in it.

If you asked me I would tell you turning 30 this year is something I'm really looking forward too:) Remembering when this seemed so old!...I'm still alive PRAISE GOD!

If you asked me I would tell you I love to sing for the lord and have since I was a little girl... i stopped doing that along the way and I feel convicted of not using my gift..

If you asked me I would tell you learning there is a season for everything in my life is one of the freeing & best things I'm learning. I can't do it all! Being a great wife and mama is what matters most to me right now. I know now that this season of being a stay at home mama passes so fast. I have to treasure these days. Believe me I know!:) 
I only need to look at my 10 year old boys and my almost 7 year old daughter to see that it goes so fast. 
That soon enough i will have time to pursue other things god will have for me (us) and Violet will grow up so fast!.. Slow down baby there's no rush:)

Jasmines eyes were this blue too!! 

The most joyful child EVER!!..she is teaching me to be joyful every time she smiles;)

Happy Thursday lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey

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  1. Cute!! This is a wonderful idea =)
    I love your attitude toward enjoying each day =)
    Much Love,


  2. I saw this on her blog too and thought it was so cool :P I love this post and those pictures of Violet are adorable :)

    Say x

  3. I LOVED THIS!!!!!! :) And can I just say that I agree you need to use your gift more?! Good thing you are singing at my wedding..... :-) Love you!