Monday, February 27, 2012

Time for change...spring fever:)

Cleaned like a mad woman today!! bedroom that is. 
Spring is right around the corner(just ignore the oncoming storm report;)
and i have been itching to clean out all the rooms before summer comes. Getting
ride of all this excess of stuff, clothes, things we just don't need anymore. If your anything like me 
getting rid of things and cleaning house feels like a detox. The very best kind!!

So back to my bedroom. It was BAD!! Really BAD! it was starting to resemble a 
dysfunctional hobby lobby. My craft stuff was everywhere and i was starting to feel closed in by all our stuff/laundry that was way overdue in needing to be folded and put away.. geezz how i hate the laundry! ANYWAYS..
So i set the bar high today yep that hormonal type of high bar where 
I needed to pray for strength and I desperately needed inspiration!!
So i went to the loveliest most addicting place on the web these days. Can you guess where/??? 
I'm going to assume you said PINTREST:)
And it worked! Inspiration came and i was downloading room pics and pinning like 
a mad woman. 
Here are some lovely rooms that inspired me this morning:
i think this is so pretty!! the pillows the headboard EVERYTHING:)

So sweet and soothing..

Great chandelier and sweet decor tips!

Color scheme for our bedroom..

Just lovely..I'm thinking classic rose with gray:))

so the fun has begun friends or at least it will be lovely to enjoy when its finished!:)

P.S. laundry was tackled and put away Praise for progress!

happy Monday lovelies!!!
with much love, this girls journey

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