Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend review..:)

This weekend went as such:
*A Spur of the moment trip up north*
*Lots of Pizza*
*late nights*
*Snuggling with the kids*
*Swim swim swim*
*Visiting with the Hoards*
*Target treasure purchases*

Good intentions for taking this trip all the way 
 but in hindsight may not have been the wisest of ideas..(have you had these;)
We should have known we would not have enough time to really do all the
things we wanted...Lessened learned we need at least two days!

So we as family played a game of our highlight of the 
weekend to the low light of our time away.
And the vote went as such:
 The family time at our sweet hotel room with the cool whirlpool in it big enough to fit the family, 
The great food at Old Chicago(YUMMY PIZZZA)
And I realized how badly hubby and I need a vacation of our very own!!:)
IKEA..yeah I know who could hate this amazing place!!
But let me tell you if you brought 4kids to this place on a Sunday afternoon you would be voting the same way!
I who by the way love this place! Had to agree
 with the rest of the family on this one. 
I was so disappointed after the trip to this store:( 
Maybe because I had romanticized how going there would be for me.
I had planned on finding wonderful things for my home and my kids would be so immersed by the cool decorations and rooms..who was I kidding!!!
My kids were not impressed one bit.
I did not get to wonder through rooms. 
It was more like a traffic jam of people all over the place with me trying to keep the kids together and not loose sight of our huge cart with the baby in it…yeah so I we will not be taking the kids again until 
there teenagers …and even then only if they beg to go:)

So moving on! 
Praise God for sunny days and new beginnings right!! 
That's how I felt today. 
Overjoyed at the idea of starting fresh and being purposeful with my day.
Errands have been run. 
Visits with lovely friends..which I need to do more of!
It was great. I was so pleased.
And oh dang it I forgot to Vlog:(((
So I'm trying to decide if I should do this still. And just post
it for tomorrow..what do you lovelies think??
Leave me some love and I will decide tomorrow:)
… If can figure how to do a Vlog!

P.S. My camera is broken:((Shopping for one if you can give me any ideas on whats a great camera purchase i would love to hear them!

Happy Monday Lovelies!
with much love, this girls journey 


  1. I want to hear all about ikea!!! U want to get coffee sometime?

    Love u'

  2. Bummer about ikea....the one here has a kidcare place so the kids I watch beg to go there so they can play in the ballpark while I wander round the store. Sorry it was a rough experience =(

    I would totally say vlog and linkup tomorrow....I would love to see the face behind Some kind of Paradise ;)
    Much Love,



    1. Thanks I Vlogged:) Tricky to figure it out but I did it!:)

  3. Just wanted to say I love this song playing.