Saturday, March 31, 2012

a full cup..

My heart overflows and is so full with love and wonder at how fast and beautiful our baby girl Violet is growing..

Friends she's 7months today!!!

I really cannot believe it and those little changes like the fact that she's saying Dada all the time and lifting herself to stand and for goodness sakes crawling!!
now i know all these thing happened before for us, with the twins and jaz but just but..this is our last baby!.. and i really had no idea just how fast it was all going to go. And it really has me thinking well not like i never thought of this before but just maybe adoption in the future is something thats possible for us..
now listen this is just me THINKING! and praying folks! It would be maybe a few years from now and who knows maybe not even a baby maybe older like jaz or eli and jonahs age...Aw man you see i love children I mean i love my children!!! so much even that i think my heart has room for so many more little bluhms then i had ever imagined.
Please keep in mind I'm an emotional mama right now who just got done looking at
her very last baby's 7month old pictures *tears*
All i can say its all in Gods hands and we'll know someday if we will add more..but for now i'm holding this baby tight!
Happy Saturday friends!
with much love, this girls journey

Friday, March 30, 2012

Embracing the camera & if you asked me

Embracing the camera with...
Me and the Hubby missing all that alone time!!:)
 @the Serendipity.. funny story to come with this picture in a future post!!

If you asked me i would tell you that James(hubby) will miss our Saturday morning family traditions because of work 2morrow and that makes us all sad;( like who's going to cook our fabulous brunch now??..busy season this to shall pass...

If you asked me I'd say I'm looking forward to this weekend.
Getting ready for spring/summer CLEANING HOUSE!! Big time..

If you asked I'd tell you I'm addicted to draw something app on my
IPhone now!!yikes the kids make fun of me:))

If you asked me I'd say i miss being pregnant..but that's another post entirely:)

If you asked me i would tell you that Violet is now trying to crawl and i really want to FREEZE time!!

Hoping your having a fantastic weekend already
With much love,this girls journey

Thursday, March 29, 2012

thoughts for Thursday..

I'd thought to share something out of my book God Never Blinks book by Regina Brett that
 i've been reading it has effected me a lot!!

"The light shines on in the darkness, a darkness that did not overcome it."

Saint Francis once said that there is no darkness that is so dark that the light of a single candle cannot pierce it..

I'm wondering about tragedy and when it touches us.. the whys and hows could these type of things happen..when and can we see the light clearly..eventually..healing does take place
and when it does show itself to us through a friend or stranger how bright does the light shine
in the mist of our darkness.. 
Lord I'm praying your light and hope shines through someones darkness tonight!!

I have nothing really more to say this Thursday well except its been a beautiful messy week lots of catching up to do...mostly to do with laundry:)

Here's some more photos from our trip to New York!

Central Park Street dancing:)

I really love this park CENTRAL PARK that is!!

It was so warm and people were skating it was dreamlike to walk up to this spot and see it all.. i regret not skating:)

OK so this would definitely be James and I on a Sunday afternoon reading our books having a picnic its the perfect spot!!
:..i was trying to be discreet and take this picture of the couple and the view:)

Missing my Violet!! these were everywhere

Happy Thursday friends!
with much love, this girls journey

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New York part 2

Well can i just say that flying over 1000 miles in a few days is just well...AMAZING!
That moment right before the plane takes flight it tilts its nose into the air it takes my breath away..

Its a miracle really by all rights it should be impossible that something so large and heavy could soar through the air
and take us in just a few hours across the United States. It should be impossible but it isn't..someone dreamed it long ago and it became a reality so praise God for the dreamers:))
Our view and hotel was amazing! We stayed at The Manhattan Hotel on 51st  right in Times square so yes we were
by all the action:) 

The shows to watch are endless around here so much to see and do it felt exhilarating  and overwhelming all at
the same time! But it was truly beautiful all of it

OK so on every corner there seemed to be some character from a play of  whatever trying to charge you for taking a picture
with them..i say do it its fun! Spider man is on Broadway right now and its suppose to be a phenomenal experience to see  (my kids would love it)..

Have i mentioned i hardly slept AT ALL!! Seriously could not sleep i was like a kid before Christmas morning
i could not wait to see the city!!..poor hubby:)

Have you heard of the famous deli from Dave Letterman's show well here it is folks! This is where we had our breakfast Saturday morning and  it was delicious and such fun..go here!! The most inexpensive place we saw for some yummy breakfast:)

Yes i snuck that cute NY OJ into my suitcase.. wouldn't YOU!!
more to come...:))))))
Happy Wednesday!!
with much love, this girls journey

Monday, March 26, 2012

Home sweet home

NEW YORK NEW YORK I'm going to miss you but
It feels so great to be home!!!!!
 It was AMAZING this trip of ours it was an adventure for sure. From running into Ricky Martin, the show, Central park aahh.. to the sites all around us this amazing meting pot called New York!! 

Its all true you really feel alive there it inspires you to want to dream even bigger. I understand the thrill the emotion the love us New yorkers have for this place. And even though i don't live there anymore and may never live there again i have so much admiration
for those who do who have pride in the city that never sleeps 

Its in the bright lights the smells the surrounding countries that are represented all around you by so many individuals,styles and the talent!!
 Everyone is so unique so beautiful and very much alive. 

I've come away from my home away from home with even greater love and pride for this little island and what it inspires and gives it people.

I loved it all..can you tell:)
The show "Phantom of the Opera' was so beautiful, moving, the theater alone would took my breath away. 
I have so much to share but I'm seriously recovering so i'm going to share in pieces about our trip ok. Here's a taste of our adventure in New York..more to come!
Just the two of us:)) Happy birthday to me!


Our 1st night there! All the lights its just surreal

I still can't believe we got stuck in this crowd waiting for him!! 
Happy Mondays friends! God bless you:)
with much love, this girls journey

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm just 16 going on 17..WHAT? Wait??...

Early B-day party at moms:))
.. my usual Pintrest Wednesday did not happen on the account of well.....Birthday celebrations,packing, pal time, family time you know the good things in life that happened when I'm not glued to my MAC. Yes you can admit it too! So there was no time for Pintrest.. and oh how i miss the Pin. i love you Pintrest i promise after this week i will come back to you and give you some love..

On to other things like i how i get all weepy at the thought of leaving these precious gifts in my life for the weekend....

I love the Sound of Music!!.. any Musical nerds out there Holler?!!! 
The part where she sings her heart out to the young man of her dreams..well at least at the moment.. and in the gazebo is pleading with him to see her more as a woman then a young naive girl..oh boy i was so that girl!! I wanted so bad to be taken seriously and understood. 
I'm a woman now, a wife, a mother to four babies and can i just be honest and say sometimes i still feel like that 16yr girl its amazing really that in somethings the heart can feel so young and still need so much care:)

Really crazy how turning thirty has me all giddy,scared,anxious, um excited for what these next thirty years will be. What comes? the who? the where? And then I'm reminded of how i don't need to wonder of what i have is what matters so much in this life. its just staring me right in the face screaming look at me, you've got it all already I'm the icing on your cake..

These moments are more precious to me then any event any crusade and any well anything.. and its these gifts in my life so far that is what has me dreaming, reaching, praying for even more.

This next chapter of my life that I'm soon to be walking through well i just don't want to just exist in it i want thrive in it i want to run the race with JOY. i want to sing all my favorite tunes and treasure my life even more value the relationships i have and invest WAY more time in these amazing people. I want to get up early and wake with sweet words and clarity that carry me through out my day. I want to bless my children, my husband i want.. more time... And knowing the heart of God I'm  pretty sure he gets me:) 

So here's me saying a early goodbye to 29 to my 20's that is, thank you for all you've taught me. thank you for the trials, thank you for the heartache, thank you for the laughs, thank you for the stretching, thank you for the friends i made and lost along the way, thank you for the memories that are so much easier now to look back on and well thankful that i had you at all....
Goodbye and i promise i won't miss you AT ALL!:)

Happy Thursday friends!

with much love, this girls journey

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Giveaway and Birthday LOVE...

Very soon yours truly is getting on a plane heading to her home state!!!

For my birthday my hubby surprised me with tickets to a Broadway show!
..well..he kind of told me a little earlier then my birthday. 
That man cannot keep surprises from me!!:)

30th B-Day!! it is and celebrating it in the Big Apple is in the cards

I'm going to see "The Phantom of the Opera" on broadway folks in 
I have dreamed of seeing this show there since forever.
And very soon its going to be as real as it gets!
I'm out of my mind excited now. The packing has begun. For every outfit i throw in my suitcase i take it right back out! 
Seriously what should i wear!! I can't decide what my broadway introduction should be.. a little black dress??..something funky? Vintage??…casual ahh please don't say casual that will be so hard for me!
And keep in mind i'm carrying on so i have to back light not my whole
HUGE anxiety over leaving my babies and especially Violet since i'm still nursing her..
I've been away from the older ones before for the weekend but not Vi!
Pray for me please! and pray  that everything goes smoothly for our kids while we are gone..
I have a feeling i will be missing them more then they will miss me:) 

This trip will be short and sweet and 
i'm imagining i'll lots of stories to share for you when i come back.

But in the celebration of my birthday i wanted to give you guys something too!!
One of you can win one of these lovely items below:

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giveaway ends next Monday and I'll announce the winner in 
Mondays Post:))

I'm so excited for you!!

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mondays shower brings...

'Mom i think a storms coming we should go outside soon!" says jaz with a huge smile on her
face. 'Do you think a tornado is coming i think so!!"
Me- 'ok jaz its coming lets head out:)

I was not going to get any peace until we went on our ritual walk together

This started as soon as the kids started their spring break last week.
Jasmine began following mama out the door and soon fulfilled conversation and the giggles began.

She wants to know how long she can keep this long walk morning ritual going with me.. 

Jasmine is such a dreamer the more we get our alone time the more her heart opens up and reveals all kinds of treasures and beauty.

Gods little gift to me:)

I've pushed the usual running aside for these walks and at first begrudgingly and now so thankful that i didn't brush of her need for these little morning adventures
Mud puddles are always a favorite

Today its cloudy with a hint of rain and thunderstorms…and Jasmine loves this weather I love this weather!

We look at each other with glee and excitement just maybe we'll see a should we dare say it…a tornado!! 

                                          And i know that sounds strange but its moments
like these i know for sure she is a part of ME…
She is more like me in ways I'm just starting to realize 

So in replace of the usual Manic Monday routine the weather has pushed in a 
much needed walk in the rain. 

Reading and hot cocoa is in order for today and 
my daily errands have been pushed back and that is well with my soul..:)
Happy Monday Lovelies!!!

P.S. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the My Birthday Week giveaway!!
and I'll share all about my amazing weekend up ahead too:))

with much love, this girls journey