Friday, March 2, 2012


March is the month made of many wonderful things for me.
Spring for starters is my most favorite time of year.
All things made new again...

Green starts to sprout out of the smallest of corners

the air smells fresh and wet like the most delicious rain

I love spring 

It might have something to do with the fact i was born a few days 
after the first day of spring:) 23rd of MARCH!!
30 IS COMING and I'm ready...
who says birthdays aren't good all month!:)....learning from my sis-in-law brit:))

Renewing Refreshing things come with spring 

Its the time for things that have been dead and dormant to become alive again..

Can you feel it!
I do:)

happy Friday lovelies!!
Enjoy the weekend, live well, live joyfully, live out of LOVE!

with much love, this girls journey


  1. I love spring! Time to plant!!!

  2. Spring is my second favorite season (I'm a fall lover). And I love it for the same reasons as you, I love seeing new things pop up, fresh air, pastel colors, it's just so beautiful.