Friday, March 30, 2012

Embracing the camera & if you asked me

Embracing the camera with...
Me and the Hubby missing all that alone time!!:)
 @the Serendipity.. funny story to come with this picture in a future post!!

If you asked me i would tell you that James(hubby) will miss our Saturday morning family traditions because of work 2morrow and that makes us all sad;( like who's going to cook our fabulous brunch now??..busy season this to shall pass...

If you asked me I'd say I'm looking forward to this weekend.
Getting ready for spring/summer CLEANING HOUSE!! Big time..

If you asked I'd tell you I'm addicted to draw something app on my
IPhone now!!yikes the kids make fun of me:))

If you asked me I'd say i miss being pregnant..but that's another post entirely:)

If you asked me i would tell you that Violet is now trying to crawl and i really want to FREEZE time!!

Hoping your having a fantastic weekend already
With much love,this girls journey

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