Thursday, March 15, 2012

Embracing the CAMERA:}..and a song

Embracing the camera today with my little star Jasminerose
Isn't she lovely!
 I loved the idea i got from Katie Andersons blog at "The anderson crew" how important it is to also get in the picture with our kids, hubbys, friends. 
So those memories are made with you in them too! 
I don't know about you but for years i hardly ever got in the camera with my kids. The pictures don't lie either you just see mostly the kids or hubby with the kids..which is no way a horrible but i want the kids to have plenty of pictures with me too! Even if i look tired or not dolled up i really think my kids will appreciate it:}
You can link up with her blog too and share your embracing the camera moment  just click on the Embrace the camera button on top of the page:}

And here's a little song that's been rocking this little angels world!

Patty cake patty cake, baker's man
Bale me a cake as fast as you can 
Roll it prick it and mark it with a B
And throw it in the oven for the baby and me!

Ok i know i'm so cheesy but she laughs so hard when we do this
and she grabs my fingers hard to make them clap
And let me tell you she has one mighty strong grip and did i mention 
she growls too. Her little character is coming out in full bloom just like everything around us is..and we just can't get enough:}

Happy Thursday lovelies!
with much love, this girls journey

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  1. enjoyed your post!! thanks for the reminder!

    miss you guys!