Thursday, March 22, 2012

If you asked me..

If you asked me i would tell you that little jaz asked if she would have boobs like me…and i said sweetie you can always aim a little higher or pray for

If you asked me i would tell you my husbands sense of humor, although it embarrasses me like crazy at times, it is one of the things i love about him and i can not help but laugh and think he's awesome!

If you asked me i would tell you that seeing papa Tim or papa Jose with Violet makes me want to cry and smile at the same blessed to have grandparents that love on there grand babies *tears*!!

If you asked me I'd tell you that my sons make me cry and laugh a lot.
They are growing up so fast and it's beyond me that i could be a mama of 10yr old twin boys!!

If you asked me i would say that i still have so much to learn about life, people, my family, my friends, these things that make life so much richer..

If you asked me i would say that more often then not i regret not saying 
the right thing..that one word that was whispered in my ear that might have made all the difference in someones kills me later to miss this opportunity

If you asked me i would say that finally i know what kind of dresses fits me best… well yes after trying a dozen lately i realized i love vintage 50's style dresses and they fit my body so well and in knowing how vintage retro is my thing now it is freeing isn't it?.. in knowing what you like and what feels right and comfortable:)

If you asked me i would say that stepping off the plane in New york soon is going to be AMAZING:)

If you asked me i would tell you that i will also cry when i say good bye to my babies...wait already crying even thinking about being that far is causing waterworks....

If you asked me i would say LOVE is the answer
and forgiveness is necessary for us all to really walk free through this life

Have a great weekend friends!
with much love, this girls journey

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would you say.. "If i asked YOU":))
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  1. aw this is an adorable and sweet post :) you are such a good momma and i laughed out loud at the part about your little girl asking about boobs haha
    enjoy NYC! XO