Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm just 16 going on 17..WHAT? Wait??...

Early B-day party at moms:))
.. my usual Pintrest Wednesday did not happen on the account of well.....Birthday celebrations,packing, pal time, family time you know the good things in life that happened when I'm not glued to my MAC. Yes you can admit it too! So there was no time for Pintrest.. and oh how i miss the Pin. i love you Pintrest i promise after this week i will come back to you and give you some love..

On to other things like i how i get all weepy at the thought of leaving these precious gifts in my life for the weekend....

I love the Sound of Music!!.. any Musical nerds out there Holler?!!! 
The part where she sings her heart out to the young man of her dreams..well at least at the moment.. and in the gazebo is pleading with him to see her more as a woman then a young naive girl..oh boy i was so that girl!! I wanted so bad to be taken seriously and understood. 
I'm a woman now, a wife, a mother to four babies and can i just be honest and say sometimes i still feel like that 16yr girl its amazing really that in somethings the heart can feel so young and still need so much care:)

Really crazy how turning thirty has me all giddy,scared,anxious, um excited for what these next thirty years will be. What comes? the who? the where? And then I'm reminded of how i don't need to wonder of what i have is what matters so much in this life. its just staring me right in the face screaming look at me, you've got it all already I'm the icing on your cake..

These moments are more precious to me then any event any crusade and any well anything.. and its these gifts in my life so far that is what has me dreaming, reaching, praying for even more.

This next chapter of my life that I'm soon to be walking through well i just don't want to just exist in it i want thrive in it i want to run the race with JOY. i want to sing all my favorite tunes and treasure my life even more value the relationships i have and invest WAY more time in these amazing people. I want to get up early and wake with sweet words and clarity that carry me through out my day. I want to bless my children, my husband i want.. more time... And knowing the heart of God I'm  pretty sure he gets me:) 

So here's me saying a early goodbye to 29 to my 20's that is, thank you for all you've taught me. thank you for the trials, thank you for the heartache, thank you for the laughs, thank you for the stretching, thank you for the friends i made and lost along the way, thank you for the memories that are so much easier now to look back on and well thankful that i had you at all....
Goodbye and i promise i won't miss you AT ALL!:)

Happy Thursday friends!

with much love, this girls journey


  1. Happy Birthday... Thirties aren't all that bad.. :)

  2. Love this!!!!! Happy Birthday!! :)