Monday, March 19, 2012

Mondays shower brings...

'Mom i think a storms coming we should go outside soon!" says jaz with a huge smile on her
face. 'Do you think a tornado is coming i think so!!"
Me- 'ok jaz its coming lets head out:)

I was not going to get any peace until we went on our ritual walk together

This started as soon as the kids started their spring break last week.
Jasmine began following mama out the door and soon fulfilled conversation and the giggles began.

She wants to know how long she can keep this long walk morning ritual going with me.. 

Jasmine is such a dreamer the more we get our alone time the more her heart opens up and reveals all kinds of treasures and beauty.

Gods little gift to me:)

I've pushed the usual running aside for these walks and at first begrudgingly and now so thankful that i didn't brush of her need for these little morning adventures
Mud puddles are always a favorite

Today its cloudy with a hint of rain and thunderstorms…and Jasmine loves this weather I love this weather!

We look at each other with glee and excitement just maybe we'll see a should we dare say it…a tornado!! 

                                          And i know that sounds strange but its moments
like these i know for sure she is a part of ME…
She is more like me in ways I'm just starting to realize 

So in replace of the usual Manic Monday routine the weather has pushed in a 
much needed walk in the rain. 

Reading and hot cocoa is in order for today and 
my daily errands have been pushed back and that is well with my soul..:)
Happy Monday Lovelies!!!

P.S. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the My Birthday Week giveaway!!
and I'll share all about my amazing weekend up ahead too:))

with much love, this girls journey


  1. I LOVEEEE THIS! And I love the two of you so much. ALSO... this weather is MY FAVORITE!!!!!!! I've been praying for rain on my wedding day! (AND MY WEDDING IS OUTSIDE! LOL!) Love you girls!