Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New York part 2

Well can i just say that flying over 1000 miles in a few days is just well...AMAZING!
That moment right before the plane takes flight it tilts its nose into the air it takes my breath away..

Its a miracle really by all rights it should be impossible that something so large and heavy could soar through the air
and take us in just a few hours across the United States. It should be impossible but it isn't..someone dreamed it long ago and it became a reality so praise God for the dreamers:))
Our view and hotel was amazing! We stayed at The Manhattan Hotel on 51st  right in Times square so yes we were
by all the action:) 

The shows to watch are endless around here so much to see and do it felt exhilarating  and overwhelming all at
the same time! But it was truly beautiful all of it

OK so on every corner there seemed to be some character from a play of  whatever trying to charge you for taking a picture
with them..i say do it its fun! Spider man is on Broadway right now and its suppose to be a phenomenal experience to see  (my kids would love it)..

Have i mentioned i hardly slept AT ALL!! Seriously could not sleep i was like a kid before Christmas morning
i could not wait to see the city!!..poor hubby:)

Have you heard of the famous deli from Dave Letterman's show well here it is folks! This is where we had our breakfast Saturday morning and  it was delicious and such fun..go here!! The most inexpensive place we saw for some yummy breakfast:)

Yes i snuck that cute NY OJ into my suitcase.. wouldn't YOU!!
more to come...:))))))
Happy Wednesday!!
with much love, this girls journey

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