Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not fair but still Good...:)

Life isn't fair 
but its still Good

Date nights for the last couple of weekends have been a hit and miss. Call it stress, miss communication, life. men are mars women are from..what i can't remember??
 anyway lets just say  its been interesting trying to connect when we are pulled in many directions. 

Here a few weeks ago i was frustrated wishing my husband would do this..
i was wishing he was here for that..
 and why can't things be more fair…
You know i was praying about this, why is this having things be fair bothering me so much??!!

 And sure enough god gave me a picture. Yeah that's how god speaks to me sometimes through pictures. It was a memory of me crying before we moved back to my husbands hometown and i was alone in our apartment crying and praying we were moving AGAIN! And i felt completely broken. I was earnestly praying and trusting god that no matter where he took us if James could only find a job that could cover the bills and our family could thrive and be healthy i would be content and that's all i truly wanted…
forward 2 years and things have happened that i know only god could have done in our life financially and spiritually yet here i sat ungrateful for all that has been done. Cue in the double dose of humble tears**

 Hubby has a job= check
It provides above and beyond for our family= check
All 4 of our kids are healthy and happy= check
We are still in love even on a bad day= check:))
We have family and friends lots of love and support= check
God has answered so many of our prayers= start checking:)

So yes date night this weekend included much needed alone talks without the kids
(those with kids know what I'm talking about:) and without over the top expectations= me:)
We got to talking about dreams and what ours were for our family and 
ourselves from the very beginning. It's so amazing to look back and recount 
those dreams together really it is. its amazing to me and none if it has been 
easy. Listen I've been married to this hunk for 12 years now and its been hard .. AMAZING but hard:)
 No illusions here ladies! The road we took was young and full of passion and dreams 
and most assured full of good intentions:)

So anyways back to the point of our dream talk. Its more then just talking about dreams Its talking about our families mission statement and reconnecting that i know is so important. Even though sometimes i get lost in the event of our date night… i really just want to talk and listen and know that after my long week I'm more then just (um as if motherhood if could be a just!) a mom, a shirt to wipe buggers,spit ups, complaints a referee  to arguments. 
You know i just want to feel well…free for just a few hours

So yeah this date night was needed:) 
And you know whats funny while we were sitting and 
eating amazing authentic Italian food (ah still craving it!)
a family came in with about 4 kids(like us!) and were going to be seated by us..and yep we cringed..LOL!! We were laughing so hard about it because really we were trying to have a night with the illusion of just the two of us existing in the moment (as if!) but here walks in reality and we both said we might as well have brought the kids with us:)..
Now i don't now if the waitress changed her mind on the account of seeing two pleading eyes look up at her with "Please don't sit the family with a bunch of kids by us!" or if it was just divine intervention. But for what ever reason she choose a opposite route and we were left alone in our little 
romantic corner with our Italian food…sigh of relief:)
Thank you Jesus!!
Turns out my cry for life to be fair is rather pointless .... but yeah there's a but... 
Life is still so Good even on my most bad of days Life is Good:)
So much to be thankful for

Happy Mondays lovelies!
with much love, this girls journey 


  1. I love how God works!!!!!! Love this!! And I'm very curious about this authentic Italian restaurant... ??? :)