Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday brings joy..

Waking my children up Sunday mornings is the funniest thing.
My family has many opinions and ideas of what their Sunday should be like.
According to Jasmine Sundays are for sleeping in, taking walks in the woods and 
watching old movies all day.
 Sunday to Jonah means he can disappear for awhile
 read, play legos and shoot something outside..
Sunday to Elijah means talking and visiting about whatever comes to his mind oh and 
playing board games that are complex and require at least a couple of hours..:)
I would say Sundays for my hubby can bring him much needed writing time and time to rest and get ready for the week ahead.

I want to do all these things on Sunday too. I love Sundays for all those reasons.
 But most of all i love the quietness of the morning when everyone is still sleeping and i grab my cup of tea and sit in silence. I get these few hours before everyone wants or needs my attention and i treasure it this quite time brings me so much joy. Because i sit waiting for god to either speak something into my heart or he just sits with me and lets me talk or cry about whats on my heart…

Sunday also brings church:) And as I've gotten older and more peace about my relationship to church its become more of a place to reconnect with other believers and partake in worship a tradition for my family to go to church together....and less of a place i depend on my spiritual food and my relationship to God is no longer tied to that umbilical cord.
 I'm no way saying church is not important OK! It is. 
Its valuable and it can only add to your life as a believer but for my walk 
with God it does not define me… any more.
It is no longer my idol. It has become a place of worship that i have
come to love and treasure. 
Sunday school is my favorite..when i can make it of course…so working on this:)
I love how we get to interact more and i get to hear others talk about how they view the scriptures and how this applies to our lives.

Sunday also brings NAP time! Do you take the oh so glorious nap time on Sunday too? 
What do you treasure about your Sundays?
P.S. Have you guys read this book?! I recommend reading this one it is so good and a blessing to read:)

Have a wonderful restful Sunday Lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey

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  1. Yes. My favorite thing about Sunday's besides Church is NAP! Sunday is nap day. The end. :)