Tuesday, March 13, 2012

....Why yes it's my 1st Guest:]

I'm having a special guest post today by JAMES someone i admire 
a ton!! A newbie to this blogging world!! 
He's a great writer with a big heart and a big dream for
people to live the best life they can. He's just an Awesome guy:)
OK and yeah he's my other half!..got lucky with that one! 

So here's his 1st post and MY first Guest
and its sooo good i just had to share it here:]

Enjoy lovelies and here's to hoping you had a fantastic Tuesday!!
I know i did!! Had some great fun with the kids via spring break and fellowship
with my girlfriend was food for my soul...
And the weather ROCKED! So yeah it was a great Tuesday:))

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This weekend my wife and I were out for dinner at our favorite

 restaurant and had a great conversation about how different 
kinds of people play the game of life differently from each other.  
Some play to win by beating others,  some think they need to lose in 
order to please others,  some play life not to lose,  and others play to win by helping others win. 

We started talking about how we have both experienced a lot of pain 
by wanting to be liked by others.  So instead of playing life to win,
 we would play to be understood and accepted. 
 I remember ten years ago being frustrated and crying over how my life was going. 
I blamed everything.   I said hateful things toward God and others. 
  I couldn’t understand why He would give me an amazing wife and children, the desire to make a great life for them, the desire and call to make a difference in the lives of others, and yet I was so broke, lost and scared, that I couldn’t enjoy the greatest blessings of my life.  
 I had the belief that if God wanted it to happen it would. 

A lot of people think their life is the way it is because that is what God wanted or didn’t want for them.  That is okay if that belief works for them, but that is not how Jesus said life works.   Jesus said, “And no man putteth new wine into old wineskins: else the new wine doth burst the wineskins, and the wine is spilled, and the wineskins will be marred: but new wine must be put into new wineskins.”

Jesus was saying that the Kingdom of God, what he has done for us (the power, rights, and privileges to live out of our true heart unto God) cannot fit within religion, traditions, and rituals.  His Kingdom and covenant is meant to utterly transform us and establish a powerful identity within us. “If you try to fit what I am about to do, into the way men have done religion it will be lost. “(Paraphrased)

What has Christianity done with the Kingdom and what Jesus did?  We have made a religion out of it and think we can own it and that others need to fit into our expectations, rituals, traditions and what is left is an old soggy wineskin.  And we wonder why we still think something is missing?   Most people think it must just be something wrong with them and go on with this pain in their heart. 

Your heart, your dreams, your God given desires to be what you dream to be, belong to the Kingdom of God.  You and your dreams that are gifts and blessing to others, fit within the Kingdom of God and there is always room to dream bigger and more beautifully -- forever. 

 When our sons were around 2 years old, they had a small toy truck that their plastic action figures could fit inside.  The boys wanted to get in the truck too. They would open the door and try to get inside the truck by making their best attempt at squeezing their little toes into the truck’s cab.  They would get so frustrated that they could not fit more than one toe in the truck and would start crying.
  They settled for sitting on top of it and scooting around. 

The boys could never come close to fitting into the truck, but they could pretend to be the plastic figurine, by saying” that is me,” they could pretend to be the action figure pretending to fit in the truck.
I lived that way for a long time.  Trying to fit in the expectations of others and religion, just like the plastic figure, the real me would never fit inside the “small truck” of the expectations of others, religious traditions, or my old reality. In this life we are always in either growth or decay, going forward or going backward. 

Think about your life.  Who are you pretending for?  
What expectations are you pretending to fit within?  
What “friendships” are you playing small for?  
How is the real you different than the “plastic one”? 
 What is it costing you?  
What dreams has God put in your heart for your development and
 to share with others that you have kept hidden?  


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