Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Icing to life..:)

That moment of i really screwed up really never feels all that great i have to admit but yet it does happen to us all..
Whether in marriage, parenting, friendships, etc you name it we all fall short

But i guess whats been on the back burner of my mind lately is friendship and when you know that you know you've messed up how do you mend it?? Its sometimes painful to say 'yes I'm sorry, my bad, please forgive me and yes awkward to make that phone call to say I've been a jerk of a friend or lack of one to be precise.. What stops us from making the call? 
being a coward, fear of rejection i mean at worst we'll be saddened that yes we'd been called out on our crap.. and by our i mean (mine)!. So yes this is me being vulnerable to talk about this folks. this is the elephant in the room for ME lately. And yes elephants are cute by all means but when they become the fearing obstacle holding you back from significant growth then its time to take em out!...if you know what i mean
and so I'm calling myself out on this because i have a great friend that has really had an impact on me and i know i haven't shown her or told her yet how much her friendship has blessed me but she really has shown me what it means to give and pursue friendships no matter how busy we get in life!
And its really the icing on the cake this amazing thing we call friends in our lives..
so really don't neglect them treasure them no matter how many or few you have of them!!

Happy Monday lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey

Friday, April 27, 2012

LIFE Instagram style

Our life in Instagram fashion goes as such ++

Love us some Library time

1st time wearing our hair up! 


She's only 6yrs old people!!! Her very own seat she made herself:)

An oldie but a Goodie..

...tired a long day of sickness and dr. visits!

today the ultimate gift of Strawberry soup from my little jaz made the world of difference to this mama
and it really was delish!!

oh boy and the sickness that has invaded my house this week is crazy!
i promise not to share any of that with you..PROMISE!!
ANd of course there is always drama when your dealing with 4 sick kids and 
a very tired and emotional mama!! But i will spare you the bad details of all 
that and lets just say I'm ok and yes this too shall pass..ah much easier said after a glass of wine just kidding!!! well maybe not but of course I'm not drinking right NOW its 12 in the afternoon people jeeze back off:)) See DRAMA and life is full of it Praise god for your grace Praise god you love me regardless of my tantrums i throw!

So blogging less, living, creating, its all good peeps i'm not going to complain..much:)

And tonight the HUNGER GAMES FINALLY happening!!!!!!! 
yes this chica is heading out via with girlfriends i hope..yep no babies allowed:)) 
really looking forward to this weekend

Have a fantastic weekend friends and God bless!!!
with much love, this girls journey

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Truthful tuesday..blessing my enemies..

I think the title says it all
but isn't this the hardest thing to learn
until, yes until we realize we release ourselves from bondage of unforgiving, resentment
..when we begin to bless our enemies..
so here's what i read this morning i just had to share because it really was that good!

So God BLess you my enemies, lovers,haters, and my dear friends!!!!
Because this is one lesson this chica wants to learn!!
 Happy Tuesday lovelies!
with much love, this girls journey

Monday, April 23, 2012

BB review

Its been awhile since i've done a beauty product review and i thought 
its about time!

Garnier's BB cream  
so if you don't know what a BB cream is, it is a cream with everything in it as in moisturizer,sunscreen, anti aging properties,and  gives you a natural coverage.
 BB creams are huge over in Asia and there are of course hundreds to choose from at all different price ranges. This however is my very first one i've ever tried so I'm a newbie:)) I was looking for something different this summer that i can use quickly and run. The do it all product! And truly i just don't want to use the mineral powders all summer. I'm such a huge fan of bare minerals but in the summer with all the sunscreen i wear i just go without it so I'm in the market for trying some new things this summer/spring season.

My first thought was how nice and smooth it was going on and it only required a small amount. The smell is very faint and it gives your skin a beautiful glow without that i have makeup feeling. The coverage is not great though! I would have to use concealer under my eyes still and if you hyper pigmentation or acne scars i would not depend on this product at all for coverage you will be disappointed. If you have very clear skin already and just want a natural look with moisturizer, sunscreen, and the glow this product offers you then i would definitely say to buy this one because from what i've researched so far on the BB creams this one is by far the cheapest at just around $11!
This product comes in two colors light/med & Medium, i went with the light/med one since i'm more of a light olive complexion which i was worried at first that it would be to light but it was perfect and blended in  
There are some really great BB creams out there that have way better coverage i have heard but i have yet to try them!:)
So if you have, let me know so i can hear your reviews and check it out myself.
Hopefully this was some help to any of you interested or wanting to know more about BB creams

Happy Monday to you lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey

Friday, April 20, 2012

If you asked me..

If you asked me i would tell you that this word today from my little devotional 'God Calling' was
exactly what my heart needed to hear..

If you asked me i would tell you that i am nowhere near ready for Violet to start walking all over the place!

If you asked me i would tell you that having a day filled with my girlfriends and all their kids was fantastic!
My house seriously became a daycare/mommy coffee date and it was perfect and it did my heart good:)

If you asked me i would tell you that this color is now officially my NEW favorite color!! I have been 
searching the thrift stores like a MAD woman looking for anything that is sporting this and of course
as soon as i start looking for it i can't find a thing that is sporting the color mint!!..i really could have sworn it was everywhere a minute ago hmm

If you asked me i would tell you that i need a haircut so i have been side sweeping these babies of late

And if you asked me i would finally tell you that most nights I'm crashing into bed looking like this thinking i wish i could add more time to my day..but really thank you god for the time i had!..
 and help me have a even better more victorious day tomorrow...pleazzeee:))

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!
with much love, this girls journey

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

For the LoVe of Mint!

So Mint is everywhere!! and i love it..really even before i saw this as a common theme through some pretty sweet why does saying sweet always make me think of Napoleon Dynamite yikes! my kids are a bad influence on me:)
But any ways as a makeup artist i saw that this color has had its effect even in the hues of makeup and design but I've always been a fan of the sweet MINT. But i have to be honest i always felt that the color has washed out my olive some may say i am wrong about this well,.. we shall see:) 
So instead of buying the oh so beautiful MINT outfit i am cruising the wonderful ESTY site for inspirations of Mint and here's what i found friends!



I know i'm more then past the age of tutus but well i just love this one!!

 mint shelf
Linda Smith


 I love OWLS!

Happy Wednesday friends!
with much love, this girls journey

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Grey..

I don't think I've ever talked about this on my blog before but i really can't talk about anything else until  i get this
out of the way. For me its like an elephant in the room and i need to address it
and after reading another blog about this i knew it was time so bear with me k

I hope you can find some encouragement through my experience ..

i really can't pin point how it started or really the WHY 
but a wave of sadness hit me around Friday night
People call it many things, baby blues, postpartum, etc..
I call it The Grey..And i know for some mamas they might feel this early on after their precious babies
come but for some reason mine hits around the 6th or 7th month and i thought maybe just maybe
i wouldn't feel this way this time around..

I had no real understanding before of what postpartum was and i actually kind of had a superior attitude about it
because really I'm such a positive person, the glass is have full type of girl. So of course depression was not something 
i would have to deal with..right?..boy was I  wrong and it hit me so hard that i think i kind of lost my mind for awhile 
i was not seeing things clearly and for awhile  i did not want to talk about to anyone
i was so angry and sad
 i was angry about being sad.
Hurt and sad about how hard it was to nurse jasmine and then i was heartbroken when i quit
which only added more sadness and shame to my heart and this amazing role i had as a mother
i felt like a complete failure in every possible way.. 

If  there is one thing I've learned from my last experience with jasmine and feeling The Grey was i have to own this
I have to  accept its happening early on and talk about it and pray and pray over this..i have to lay these thoughts and emotions at the feet of my savior and trust him 
that I WILL GET THROUGH THIS! I can trust him with my heart and my  mind.
So mamas out there or anyone going through The Grey right now can i just encourage you (this is not completely selfless because encouraging others actually helps me feel good:)..
I'm going to share with you some things that have helped me either through advice given by other wise mamas or books
I've read..

*Replacing false thoughts about yourself with truth and victorious ones 
*Worship Worship
*Meditation, Prayer, etc..
*Talking it out with a friend
*tell your spouse right away what your dealing with don't hide this! it will only make it worse:( trust me.
*Remember there is light at the end of this GREY period for how ever long or intense it is for you 
 your joy will come again and you will find yourself someday after all the diapers are gone and the kids have gone to school:) 
*Pamper yourself take time to refill your cup so you can be a happy mama..i know much harder to do then it sounds..
*Exercise I KNOW who wants to hear that right!! but it does help to get those free happy endorphins going in your body to help you feel good about yourself
*and remember your not alone! A lot of mamas have felt and dealt with this in some way or another so don't feel any shame 
about how you feel

Psalm 31:1-3,24
In You, O LORD, I put my trust;Let me never be ashamed; Deliver me in Your righteousness.Bow down Your ear to me,Deliver me speedily; Be my rock of refuge, A fortress of defense to save me.For You are my rock and my fortress; Therefore, for Your name's sake, Lead me and guide me.
Psalm 34:4
I sought the LORD, and He heard me,And delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 94:19 
In the multitude of my anxieties within me,Your comforts delight my soul.

Isaiah 40:31
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew {their} strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; {and} they shall walk, and not faint.

with much love, this girls journey 

Friday, April 13, 2012

if you asked me..

Its Friday AGAIN!! Halleluah Praise the LORD!!
Yes Im that excited that its Friday and that its
our coffee date (well tea for me friends but you may anything your heart so desires:) Our "if you asked me" series that i adopted from Casey's blog
…You might know her pretty awesome blog too!! 
yes still in my PJ's and the hair yikes!! but please dent judge me..
just drink your tea/cafe:)
Anyways here goes and let me tell you..

if you asked me i would tell you i jumped with excitement to create another 
custom headband on my Etsy shop!!! Sale #2 on Etsy i know its a small start
for me but i'm definitely ok with that!!

if you asked me i would tell you that my boys are having there very 1st 
sleepover at their buddies house and well it was hard for me to say yes…
i know what your thinking! Yes they are 10 already and its time to ease up mama bear. I'm learning to trust the lord with my kids and not be so overbearing with my boys…lets just say I'm giving them more freedom a 
centimeter at a time:)

if you asked me i would tell you that summer could not get here any faster
for our family and ME!! I want lots of sunshine and now that the baby pump is gone i can do extreme things like water rafting, bunging jumping, kayaking on the river, tubing, sky diving, ride my bike..LOL! ok some of those things are definitely not happening, because of the fact I am so afraid of
 heights!! But a few are definitely on my list

if you asked me i would say that i have been trying my best to be disciplined about my time and how i spend it. trying my best to make the most out of my everyday life..somedays are harder then others. the unpredictable nature of babies and schedules and kids and well life can push aside any list i make 
and laying that down can be tough for me

if you asked me i would say that our Violet is the funniest, the most daring and adventurest baby we have ever had!! She crawls everywhere! and is into everything and now is standing with the help of anything she can pull herself up with..yep you can say it my hands are going to be FULL with this one!!

haha even sideways she's a cutie pie!

if you asked me i would say that i need to have more time with my girlfriends! but like all things in life it takes intention and determination of the will to get that to happen! We all have kids/babies and LIFE is crazy busy
but but but its a must and yes we need our girl time:)

ahh so happy to unload all these thoughts on to my blog REALLY!
So thanks if you kept reading and shared a cup of joe/tea with me:)

Happy Friday lovelies!
with much love, this girls journey

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday..&Giveaway!!

Embracing the camera today with 

my girls..I love saying that:)

Thoughts for thursday..
 *something that is easy to do is also easy NOT to do…-Jim Rohn

You know those little things in life that we avoid dealing with can build up
over time and then instead of small problem it becomes a mountain
of a issue..Accumulated disaster. I want to pay attention to those little things that are going to make a difference 10years from now..

A few disciplines, practiced everyday now you have begun the process of changing the rest of your life! -Jim Rohn
Hey friends that can be anything in your life friendships,finances,weight,faith you name it!
Be encouraged we are all on the same road we all deep down want the same things
to live the best life we can 
to make a difference..
If one of us can do it all of us can!-Jim Rohn 
Can you tell Jim Rohn has been playing nonstop in my house as i redo 
my etsy shop! I've also been learning so much about finances and about
 teaching our children how to deal with money. He uses so many 
biblical stories in his teachings and its so witty and easy to get..which i so need!
Seriously so GOOD! Highly recommend 
getting one of his CD's or look for him on iTunes:)

Hey its exciting and it keeps me motivated
So go feed your mind some good food it makes the world of difference:))

SPeaking of something good today there's a giveaway that i'm sponsoring over at
TeaTimeThoughts so go check it out and enter!! Good luck!

P.S. did you guys see Kelle hampton on the today show?! Wasn't it good!! 
I'm so happy for her and her family:)

Happy Thursday lovelies!!!
with much love, this girls journey

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Pintrest Inspired

Pintrest Wednesday friends!!!
A few things I'm loving these days and saw on pintrest i thought
some of you might like and want to add to your summer projects list
You know i have one and some of these DIY's are on it. Enjoy:)

Made me think of Jasmine she would  love to do this one!

Happy Wednesday friends!!

with much love, this girls journey

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

guest posting @Teatimethoughts:)

Today I am guest posting over @Tea Time Thoughts where my friend
Candice blogs about fashion,life, and all things beautiful. She's a real beauty and
inspires me in her classic beauty&style. She can put together any outfit and make it look
AMAZING!! So go check her out:)

But i wanted to leave you with some beautiful words and inspiring words
that have impacted my way of thinking of late.. 

"A (our)story. An Epic.
Something hidden in the ancient past.
Something dangerous now unfolding.
Something waiting in the future for us to discover.
Some crucial role for us to play.."
-John Eldredge -Epic 

Happy Tuesday friends!
with much love, this girls journey

P.S. Now go and visit me over at Candice's BLOG and say HELLO!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Celebrating LIFE:)

Counting my blessings..

loving on the most precious of gifts

even if at times i will be rejected:)

family night out on the town enjoying ice cream at the cutest of shops 

Wow he's growing up guys!!! Elijah our little man

Easter celebrations with the families. Auntie brit loves her Violet can't you just tell they are related!!

Our princess is getting so tall! Her easter dress was adorable and so her:)

Violets NEW face she makes when she isn't getting her way! Its hilarious!!
1st of many Easter egg hunts..did i mention my kids really make some $ on this day i seriously don't remember getting
any money in my eggs back in the day..huh what gives:)

My father enjoying his Violet and helping her find a treasure 

and yes straight to the mouth it goes..

Last Easter egg hunt of the night!! Now mama hides the candy because even i have to come down from this sugar high:))

Really was a great Easter filled with family,love and laughs. Rejoicing and celebrating the life that was
given to me! Thank you JESUS:)

Happy Monday!!
with much love, this girls journey