Monday, April 23, 2012

BB review

Its been awhile since i've done a beauty product review and i thought 
its about time!

Garnier's BB cream  
so if you don't know what a BB cream is, it is a cream with everything in it as in moisturizer,sunscreen, anti aging properties,and  gives you a natural coverage.
 BB creams are huge over in Asia and there are of course hundreds to choose from at all different price ranges. This however is my very first one i've ever tried so I'm a newbie:)) I was looking for something different this summer that i can use quickly and run. The do it all product! And truly i just don't want to use the mineral powders all summer. I'm such a huge fan of bare minerals but in the summer with all the sunscreen i wear i just go without it so I'm in the market for trying some new things this summer/spring season.

My first thought was how nice and smooth it was going on and it only required a small amount. The smell is very faint and it gives your skin a beautiful glow without that i have makeup feeling. The coverage is not great though! I would have to use concealer under my eyes still and if you hyper pigmentation or acne scars i would not depend on this product at all for coverage you will be disappointed. If you have very clear skin already and just want a natural look with moisturizer, sunscreen, and the glow this product offers you then i would definitely say to buy this one because from what i've researched so far on the BB creams this one is by far the cheapest at just around $11!
This product comes in two colors light/med & Medium, i went with the light/med one since i'm more of a light olive complexion which i was worried at first that it would be to light but it was perfect and blended in  
There are some really great BB creams out there that have way better coverage i have heard but i have yet to try them!:)
So if you have, let me know so i can hear your reviews and check it out myself.
Hopefully this was some help to any of you interested or wanting to know more about BB creams

Happy Monday to you lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. sounds interesting. I love that you do these reviews, it helps me learn all the products! I may have to try for the summer :)


  2. I just bought this yesterday actually because I was hearing some great things about it! I just put it on this morning and so far it has worked great! You're right about it not having full coverage though. I still needed concealer and whatnot but I love the smell and how light it is!