Tuesday, April 10, 2012

guest posting @Teatimethoughts:)

Today I am guest posting over @Tea Time Thoughts where my friend
Candice blogs about fashion,life, and all things beautiful. She's a real beauty and
inspires me in her classic beauty&style. She can put together any outfit and make it look
AMAZING!! So go check her out:)

But i wanted to leave you with some beautiful words and inspiring words
that have impacted my way of thinking of late.. 

"A (our)story. An Epic.
Something hidden in the ancient past.
Something dangerous now unfolding.
Something waiting in the future for us to discover.
Some crucial role for us to play.."
-John Eldredge -Epic 

Happy Tuesday friends!
with much love, this girls journey

P.S. Now go and visit me over at Candice's BLOG and say HELLO!

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