Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Icing to life..:)

That moment of i really screwed up really never feels all that great i have to admit but yet it does happen to us all..
Whether in marriage, parenting, friendships, etc you name it we all fall short

But i guess whats been on the back burner of my mind lately is friendship and when you know that you know you've messed up how do you mend it?? Its sometimes painful to say 'yes I'm sorry, my bad, please forgive me and yes awkward to make that phone call to say I've been a jerk of a friend or lack of one to be precise.. What stops us from making the call? 
being a coward, fear of rejection i mean at worst we'll be saddened that yes we'd been called out on our crap.. and by our i mean (mine)!. So yes this is me being vulnerable to talk about this folks. this is the elephant in the room for ME lately. And yes elephants are cute by all means but when they become the fearing obstacle holding you back from significant growth then its time to take em out!...if you know what i mean
and so I'm calling myself out on this because i have a great friend that has really had an impact on me and i know i haven't shown her or told her yet how much her friendship has blessed me but she really has shown me what it means to give and pursue friendships no matter how busy we get in life!
And its really the icing on the cake this amazing thing we call friends in our lives..
so really don't neglect them treasure them no matter how many or few you have of them!!

Happy Monday lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey

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