Friday, April 13, 2012

if you asked me..

Its Friday AGAIN!! Halleluah Praise the LORD!!
Yes Im that excited that its Friday and that its
our coffee date (well tea for me friends but you may anything your heart so desires:) Our "if you asked me" series that i adopted from Casey's blog
…You might know her pretty awesome blog too!! 
yes still in my PJ's and the hair yikes!! but please dent judge me..
just drink your tea/cafe:)
Anyways here goes and let me tell you..

if you asked me i would tell you i jumped with excitement to create another 
custom headband on my Etsy shop!!! Sale #2 on Etsy i know its a small start
for me but i'm definitely ok with that!!

if you asked me i would tell you that my boys are having there very 1st 
sleepover at their buddies house and well it was hard for me to say yes…
i know what your thinking! Yes they are 10 already and its time to ease up mama bear. I'm learning to trust the lord with my kids and not be so overbearing with my boys…lets just say I'm giving them more freedom a 
centimeter at a time:)

if you asked me i would tell you that summer could not get here any faster
for our family and ME!! I want lots of sunshine and now that the baby pump is gone i can do extreme things like water rafting, bunging jumping, kayaking on the river, tubing, sky diving, ride my bike..LOL! ok some of those things are definitely not happening, because of the fact I am so afraid of
 heights!! But a few are definitely on my list

if you asked me i would say that i have been trying my best to be disciplined about my time and how i spend it. trying my best to make the most out of my everyday life..somedays are harder then others. the unpredictable nature of babies and schedules and kids and well life can push aside any list i make 
and laying that down can be tough for me

if you asked me i would say that our Violet is the funniest, the most daring and adventurest baby we have ever had!! She crawls everywhere! and is into everything and now is standing with the help of anything she can pull herself up with..yep you can say it my hands are going to be FULL with this one!!

haha even sideways she's a cutie pie!

if you asked me i would say that i need to have more time with my girlfriends! but like all things in life it takes intention and determination of the will to get that to happen! We all have kids/babies and LIFE is crazy busy
but but but its a must and yes we need our girl time:)

ahh so happy to unload all these thoughts on to my blog REALLY!
So thanks if you kept reading and shared a cup of joe/tea with me:)

Happy Friday lovelies!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. Yes sister! I wanna see you! Let's get together soon!

  2. I agree!!! I need more time with friends!!! Love you!
    Jess m

  3. Aligna,
    Wanted to thank you so much for your sweet comment on IHOD.
    so happy you introduced yourself! You have a beautiful family! My word your daughter is precious!
    And congrats on your etsy sale! I have been there, and know its those little steps that get you to the big ones.