Friday, April 27, 2012

LIFE Instagram style

Our life in Instagram fashion goes as such ++

Love us some Library time

1st time wearing our hair up! 


She's only 6yrs old people!!! Her very own seat she made herself:)

An oldie but a Goodie..

...tired a long day of sickness and dr. visits!

today the ultimate gift of Strawberry soup from my little jaz made the world of difference to this mama
and it really was delish!!

oh boy and the sickness that has invaded my house this week is crazy!
i promise not to share any of that with you..PROMISE!!
ANd of course there is always drama when your dealing with 4 sick kids and 
a very tired and emotional mama!! But i will spare you the bad details of all 
that and lets just say I'm ok and yes this too shall pass..ah much easier said after a glass of wine just kidding!!! well maybe not but of course I'm not drinking right NOW its 12 in the afternoon people jeeze back off:)) See DRAMA and life is full of it Praise god for your grace Praise god you love me regardless of my tantrums i throw!

So blogging less, living, creating, its all good peeps i'm not going to complain..much:)

And tonight the HUNGER GAMES FINALLY happening!!!!!!! 
yes this chica is heading out via with girlfriends i hope..yep no babies allowed:)) 
really looking forward to this weekend

Have a fantastic weekend friends and God bless!!!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. Love these pics! :)
    Hope you guys start feeling better. Enjoy your girl's night out, woohoo so fun! :)

  2. Ahhh!!! You are an awesome mom! :) Love you!!!