Thursday, April 5, 2012

..the list..

So the other day i just felt it. 
The hit the comes after the knowing 
that feeling that you have finalized something in your life 
and now it creeps up 
in doubt..grieving it..
I will not have anymore babies.period. only if by some miracle god wants me too:) i have been officially fixed i was after my C-section and it was done fast and easily really. Considering what a monumental thing it is to prevent a woman from being able to have babies anymore..
We had made the decision before Violet had arrived that this was going to be my last c-section and so i made peace with that…i best i knew how 

and then i was reading parenting magazine because like who doesn't if you have as many kids as i do this is just like reading the morning paper folks

And the articles title read
9 things We Love about Pregnancy
OK so the title alone should have prompt me to put the magazine down
But i didn't i kept reading and i cried buckets over a decision that i realized i had not fully mourned and dealt with completely. I think i pushed it so far back in my mind with having a new baby and all. And really i just was great with the idea of never having to carry 30 more pounds and having another major surgery again and it was just fine with me!, besides I'm 30 now and 4kids is GREAT..right…
So i had to share this articles list because even though I'm grieving over it
it also brought me some much needed laughs
i know I'm not alone in this so here it is ENJOY:)
The list:
1. people look at your belly and just smile.

2. You haven't scooped the cat litter in months, or done anything else
you've deemed "not good for the baby."

3. Thanks to surging hormones, every day is a good-hair day

4. You have all the sex you want without the worry of…pregnancy!:)

5. Work is so much more bearable when there's a private dance party going on inside you.

6. Total strangers tell you"Congratulations" and "You look great" why thank you!!

7. You have a place to rest your ice-cream bowl (and an excuse to use it).-
favorite one!!

8. oh, these breasts? yep, they're real.

9. For nine months, you don't have to suck it in.!!- another favorite:) i could add
so much more to this too!!

Happy Thursday friends!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. Ok Christie! So cute!!! i cant imagine what that must feel like! but then again, another pregnancy is not promised to any of us! thats what i tried to think everyday i was pg, that this cld never happen again!
    love reading ur posts:)

  2. You are so cute and funny, and I love your honesty!! :)

    Happy Easter, sweetie!