Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New York part #3

Nothing sweeter then live music playing at every tunnel in central park:))

These were everywhere!

Amazing building that just took my breath away..i wanted to ask 'can i come in please and just look around" LOL!

Lunch..tourist style!!
No time to go into the Museums :(( so instead we ate lunch on the steps and people watched:)

HOLA!! It was perfect weather that day. Not to hot not to cold just PERFECT

Hungry man!! Lol um and no napkins apparently:))

A Starbucks in every corner seriously people can not go with out this place!

Window shopping never hurt anyone:) Awesome shops everywhere!

And yes we went to the famous Serendipity 111 but like pure aligna fashion i forgot that this place is
BUSY!! and you definitely need reservations to get in so word of advice to future peeps who are dreaming, planning
on taking a trip to NY and want to visit here MAKE RESERVATIONS! otherwise you'll
end up just taking pictures outside of yourselves like us!! funny to us now because we walked blocks and blocks to find this place and then we did not have the time to wait 2hrs to eat here
because of the show we were scheduled to see was just hours away and we needed to get back!!
An adventure for sure!!:)

Happy Wednesday to you!!
with much love, this girls journey

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