Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its 9months already..cue in the **tears**

 9 months have arrived and all i can say is this bundle of joy has done exactly what her namesake says about her Violet Joy is JOY!! 

She has brought a whole different spirit, dynamic into our family. A definite clown and loves to make us laugh. She is every ones baby and we all love to be the first to pick her up when she awakes so we can be the one who receives her sweet big Muppet smile:) The moment this girl wakes up she smiles
she giggles she squeals with delight to see your face. She has taught us to laugh more smile more hug and kiss each other MORE! because those little eyes watch us all with curiosity 
she is a gift
she is our blessed gift of JOY
Happy 9 months Violet Joy!

with much love,this girls journey

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

7 years of knowing this girl:)

This little cutie celebrated her 7th birthday today!!
Someday jaz when you read this i hope you know anyway that
We are so blessed to have you Jasmine Rose. You have the sweetest spirit and your love for Jesus is so precious. Oh how you so want to be pleasing to god, it moves me and challenges me to ask the hard questions too. 
To hunger for more of Gods truth like you do. 
The fact that God knew exactly what we needed when he sent us you is just amazing! 
And as i sit here tonight writing this about the girl who came and stole my heart 7 years ago 
what i feel is all tears of joy and excitement for the years to come and thankful for the years we've had with you
Our little flower, our star, the adventurous girl who made the twins into the three musketeers.
You became more then just there shadow you became part of their pack!

 P.S. Jaz your going to loose those front teeth soon and we all can't wait for it:))!!!LOL

Crazy hair day at school:))
My cup runneth over 

with much love, this girls journey

Friday, May 18, 2012

If you asked me..

If you asked me i would say that this week has flown by and it was just the beginning of our summer
vacation if you can believe it

If you asked me i would say I'm struggling to let my boys have more and more freedom all the while stay strong in my boundaries and convictions as a mama of 10 year old i feel old saying that

If you asked me i would say there was a time when i could here a sad song or story and just feel the sadness without not so much i cry and i cry more now then ever not the ugly cry although yes i do that occasionally:) but just tearing up over the simplest of things and even happy things can bring me tears. And i would tell you that it brings me joy that i no longer see tears as weakness or something to hide. Cry if you need to friends God isn't ashamed of you when you do! Your tears are precious and releasing it may be the best gift you give yourself .SO feel it:)

If you asked me i would tell you that i am over the moon excited for this girl to have her birthday!!
at the rollerskating rink no less and with a Hawaiian theme too..she's excited I'm excited
I'm just not ready for her to be 7 this little flower of mine is blooming and god has blessed me with 
this precious girl..its all overwhelming thank God he guides me in parenting because i seriously feel like i drop the ball so many times and then there's the surprising moments when you just look at them and think
maybe I'm doing pretty great after all:)

Happy Friday friends and God bless
with much love, this girls journey
xoxo, aligna

embracing the camera with this little spirit!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thoughts for your Thursday

I have twins. You may or may not have known this.They are as different as two people can be, in looks, personality, you name it!
and God made them this way
 it just makes me laugh that at least once a day something happens 
between the two of them that is such a TWIN thing?!!

which leads me to my next thought and story i wanted to share, 
i read it in a little book I've SLOWLY been reading called God Never Blinks, and in this story there's this
 sort of a little parable about twins and I've always enjoyed hearing twins stories 
funny ones especially:)

There's an old story about a set of twin boys. One was a optimist, the other, a born pessimist. A psychiatrist trying to understand them put the pessimist in the room full of toys to see what would happen. The boy whined and cried. The doctor then put the optimist in a room full of horse manure and gave the boy a shovel. Hours later, the optimist was still grinning and shoveling the manure as fast as he could. Why was he so happy?..
 The boy said, "With all this manure, there's got to be a pony somewhere!!" 

Which really got me thinking about what em I
who em I most like??:)
and this got a conversation going with the hubby (straying a little from the story above of course)..on how far do we go on the whole optimistic notion 
really?? because is to much optimism about everything in life a problem as well??
Do we in general take being positive about everything that happens to us as a GREAT thing.. 
I think sometimes a situation in our life may require us to see it from an angle of pessimism 
get angry, cry getting sick in tired of a bad thing can push us to take a different 
course in our life.. to make the right change. Because being positive about a bad thing is well not..good

Jim Rohn shares this funny analogy about that in saying that if he was to hear a preacher preach about Fire and Brimstone (meaning heaven/ hell/salvation) and the preacher just smiled the whole time while he preached it with no apathy or tears for what it means to his congregation, Rohn says 'i would be worried he's enjoying this too much!! LOL!
Kind of like the reporter that smiles with joy while she gives the most grieves of heartbreaking news...
that would be weird um and creepy and i have seen this on a local news channel too!
makes me wonder that maybe sometimes a bit of pessimism, sadness, authentic tears are needed in our lives.
So after jumping all over the place with this story i've come to the conclusion that its really about  balancing both our optimist and pessimism within us
We all know that we all have a winter in our lives bad things happened to good people all the time, its not always sunshine and rainbows and unicorns everyday folks! 
Sometimes its really OK to admit things stink,
 and then move on and say what can i learn from this and
 where can i find that darn pony!!:)

Now which one are you today the optimist or the pessimist??

with much love, this girls journey
God bless!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finale pics of Nueva York...;)

These are the last few pictures that I'm sharing of my New York birthday 
it was only two months ago and yet it feels like already it happened a lifetime ago 

 when something so grand and amazing is happening to you it can be hard to take it all in
to be grateful 
to stay in the moment
to soak it all in and just be..

So here it is ENJOY!
The night of the OPERA!!..i was channeling Audrey Hepburn;))

I really wanted to wear the mask..or maybe just go to a masquerade!Lol

Thanks to my amazing handsome hubby i was in NEW YORK on my birthday:))

Taxi car fun! really wish we had taxis around here..:)

The most beautiful neighborhoods REALLY !..anyone think YOU GOT MAIL!

DELISH! Prettiest bakery:) Jaz would have gone bananas over all the cupcakes!!

Night of the show..this roles up to the theater!! Craziest limo I've ever seen

Gorgeous theater!!

Happy Wednesday Friends and God bless!!
with much love, this girls journey

Sunday, May 6, 2012

rain on your parade..may be good

I love the rain
i  always haved loved the storms
pressing my face against the windows trying to catch a view of something bright and strong and dangerous.... And this weekend we had plenty of it

which as you know can deter any plans of outdoors activities or planned events for most of us
but isn't it nice when we have to stop and recalculate our day..and maybe just maybe do nothing at all
 but enjoy the blessings of a rainy storm filled day

time to reflect on your life
play some board games, watch some old movies
and before all these storms i enjoyed a majestic sunset after a date night

just slow down it whispers.. and it was good:)

hoping you all had a wonderful weekend spent with the ones you love!
with much love, this girls journey
P.S. we purchased a wee cute Hummingbird feeder that we enjoyed so much on our Sunday afternoon!
i finally caught one on camera they are just amazing creatures really:))