Tuesday, May 22, 2012

7 years of knowing this girl:)

This little cutie celebrated her 7th birthday today!!
Someday jaz when you read this i hope you know anyway that
We are so blessed to have you Jasmine Rose. You have the sweetest spirit and your love for Jesus is so precious. Oh how you so want to be pleasing to god, it moves me and challenges me to ask the hard questions too. 
To hunger for more of Gods truth like you do. 
The fact that God knew exactly what we needed when he sent us you is just amazing! 
And as i sit here tonight writing this about the girl who came and stole my heart 7 years ago 
what i feel is all tears of joy and excitement for the years to come and thankful for the years we've had with you
Our little flower, our star, the adventurous girl who made the twins into the three musketeers.
You became more then just there shadow you became part of their pack!

 P.S. Jaz your going to loose those front teeth soon and we all can't wait for it:))!!!LOL

Crazy hair day at school:))
My cup runneth over 

with much love, this girls journey

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