Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bronzer Beauty tip Tuesday

I recently bought Tarte's amazon clay princess bronzer and i love it!!!
So of course i had to share with you guys
Here's a How TO of this bronzer 
many times i see that bronzer is either used incorrectly or not at all:\
And i'm especially a fan of this bronzer because its natural ingredients and it gives me a tan look without sun damage, it can give your face a defined look. When you apply it make sure to sweep right below the cheek bone kind of like a check mark and blend if you have too:) So many days i just put on my concealer and sunscreen and then swipe the bronzer along my cheeks and down my nose and along the hairline quickly and head out the door its so quick and easy and makes me feel like i put at least a little effort into looking nice for the day!:)) Of course i always squeeze in the mascara and red lipstick on in the car...hehe i just can't help myself

See here BEFORE bronzer

AFTER bronzer 

If you'd like to give this bronzer a shot look to sephora or beauty.com to buy it since
its always sold out at sephora lately:)

Happy Tuesday to you and God bless!!
with much love, this girls journey

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  1. very nice! I just ran out of bronzer too so I'll have check it out!