Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its 9months already..cue in the **tears**

 9 months have arrived and all i can say is this bundle of joy has done exactly what her namesake says about her Violet Joy is JOY!! 

She has brought a whole different spirit, dynamic into our family. A definite clown and loves to make us laugh. She is every ones baby and we all love to be the first to pick her up when she awakes so we can be the one who receives her sweet big Muppet smile:) The moment this girl wakes up she smiles
she giggles she squeals with delight to see your face. She has taught us to laugh more smile more hug and kiss each other MORE! because those little eyes watch us all with curiosity 
she is a gift
she is our blessed gift of JOY
Happy 9 months Violet Joy!

with much love,this girls journey

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!

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