Friday, May 25, 2012

living is so dear..

can i just say one thing that's been bugging me..well about ME
 is my list lately of the you know to do list, living, dreaming list
 has gotten quite large and with no action behind it you do this?? have you done this?
I'm a huge list person and the life bumps that come along the way either by sickness(kids in my case) or obligations or just plain old being tired and not motivated to live life to the fullest can create HUGE detours from my list!
 Which by the way i don't mean that you have to be doing SOMETHING all the time!! 
Being present and enjoying all the blessings God has given me is what i so desire. I want my story, my life to be a blessing to others around me
I don't want to compare my life to others and fit life into other peoples box of what it means to live life..but i do sometimes and in the past was a bigger problem for me.. 
God has been dealing with me on this A LOT over the last couple of years 
its not a constant thing but a thing nonetheless that pokes its ugly head into my thoughts when i start doubt what Gods doing in my life or hear and see how much others are able to do..
LIFE is so dear
and i don't want to waste my time comparing
 i want to spend my time well 
its the most precious thing we have this thing called TIME
whats right for one person in life may not be the best fit for who i am and my family and really i have to make peace with that*really**
Wherever God is taking you in your life its for YOU! you can't follow other peoples road to success or their journey in life because its theirs to take not yours
and if we compare our lives and gifts with 
i think we miss out on our very own precious journey to finding out who we are in Christ
living with a thankful heart and loving who you are  starts with being content

learning, observing and taking bits of truths from others story and experiences,
 leaving behind what doesn't work or apply to me has been a new process in my thinking 
and its been FREEING!!! 
My LIFE is so dear God says
and so is YOURS!!
So live it

P.S. A Guest Post from my one of my dearest friends(a blogger herself) is coming on Monday!! I'm so excited to share its something I've wanted to do in awhile and its DELICIOUS..yep its going to be GOOD!!
Happy Weekend friends, and God bless!
with much love, this girls journey

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