Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mamma's,Mom,Life-Giver,A Treasure:))

My mama,

 thank you for all you've done for me and little bro!:) For giving me life!
For dragged out bedtime singing for the both of us. Boy how we fought for your wait we still do that!:))
Thank you for continuing to feed me amazing meals!..even though i was the WORST picky eater as a child. Now i know exactly how you felt mom!!! hem cue in JasmineRose!
Thank you for all the activities you had us in and how involved you always were. 
Thank for late night walks:) For being available for last minute road trips to Huge Garage sales!! and shopping to our hearts content:) For knowing how i love special little treats and always surprising me with them!
Thank you for being a mama too not only being a mom to me, but to all my friends,foster sisters anyone who needed mothering. You were that MOM who really cared what i was  up too. You asked all the questions why, where, whom,what time?? My all-time favorite line from you was "those are her parents, white people parent differently WE are Puerto Ricans so NO! LOL!!!!!! Ah and how could i ever forget that mom! I thank God for you mama:) 
And then i hit the mother load of all jackpots and got the BEST Mommy-in-law ever!!!!
So God saw fit to bless me with not only one mama but two moms.
And i am forever changed and influenced by these wonderful ladies that have loved me, 
encouraged me, prayed with me, and cried with me.
Both my mamma's have also helped James and I raise the most precious beings on earth!!! 
Thank you Grandmama's for loving on my babies like they are your own, teaching them the sweetest songs, for giving them a love of antiques and OLD things:) 
Thank You God for blessing me with the best mamma's out there
cheers to you both!!!!

Happy Mothers Day
with much love, this girls journey

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