Tuesday, May 1, 2012

pass Monday to GO...please:)

There's something so great about Tuesday its that yes i made it past Monday feeling!!

But really i don't just want to make it past any certain day 
because i honestly want to live like everyday is my last.
 And as sweet as that sounds like in Tim Mcgraws song lyrics makes it sound
 ...it can be so hard to do!! 
For so many of us things come against us everyday and hold us back from victory & especially claiming the victory and taking it by force in our lives. 
I've been reading through the psalms again lately and it couldn't have come at a better time in my life. Its exactly where God wants me to be and draw strength and guidance from. Do you ever feel that way? That something you read is exactly the food you needed for your mind and soul to thrive and feel treasured??:) 
Do you read the bible at all for guidance and encouragement? If you don't 
I'm not making any judgments at all towards you if you don't really!!.. just wanting to share what feeds my spirit and wanting to encourage you wherever you are in life. I really know it can be hard to read at times and can be confusing too but give the psalms a chance
find a bible you like cause there are like a gazillion versions out there!:))
.. out of all the stories in the bible i think Davids is the most epic (he's my favorite!) i can't help but identify with this guy with so many of his trials and issues and he speaks about loneliness, struggles, shame, you name it in there and the DRAMA!! its all there.. but then there's also this confidence this joy and desire that David shows for his love of GOD that is so inspiring that you can't help be touched and changed by it. That closeness that relationship with GOD is available to you to me its attainable!:)
Finding my joy, my identity, my purpose in GOD and going to him with all
my garbage can bring on so much peace and certainty and i think all of that combined is what helps me stay present...Today and i pray always:)
And its MAY!!! I really enjoy what this month brings. The end of the school year for the kids, Jasmine's 7th birthday, weddings, family fishing trips,lazy days spent outside,pool fun!!
I really can't believe how fast this year flew can you??:)

Happy Tuesday friends and god bless!!
with much love, this girls journey



  1. My Tuesday was rough, this was a really encouraging post. :)

    1. So sorry your tuesday was rough for you brandy, thankful that you were encouraged!!

  2. I have felt like that a lot :) I read something and it smacks me square in the face! ;)