Sunday, May 6, 2012

rain on your parade..may be good

I love the rain
i  always haved loved the storms
pressing my face against the windows trying to catch a view of something bright and strong and dangerous.... And this weekend we had plenty of it

which as you know can deter any plans of outdoors activities or planned events for most of us
but isn't it nice when we have to stop and recalculate our day..and maybe just maybe do nothing at all
 but enjoy the blessings of a rainy storm filled day

time to reflect on your life
play some board games, watch some old movies
and before all these storms i enjoyed a majestic sunset after a date night

just slow down it whispers.. and it was good:)

hoping you all had a wonderful weekend spent with the ones you love!
with much love, this girls journey
P.S. we purchased a wee cute Hummingbird feeder that we enjoyed so much on our Sunday afternoon!
i finally caught one on camera they are just amazing creatures really:))

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