Thursday, May 24, 2012

random thoughts for thursday..

carpets need to be cleaned LIKE MAJOR CLEAN!! i hate carpets if we owned this house every room would have hardwood floors:)
dance recital mania has taken over my mommy brain i think pink stockings, glitter, tap shoes every 5 minutes in the event i might forget I'm secretly chanting this to myself..since Sunday peeps!!
fevers rashes and two sick girls had me in a state of confusion but now it seems i see the light of day and they, thank god seem to be doing just fine PRAISE THE LORD!..still praying for my besties baby girl who's still sick:(
car has died um well at least 3 times on me in a week and so we replaced the battery oh joy!! and now on to the air conditioning fixing:)) apt. set check check..CANT WAIT!

we have a major trip family trip that is coming up soon and we are all giddy with excitement
be prepared to see a enormous amount of pictures of me in a kayak like EVERYDAY!!!!!
pictures of me by the lake pictures of me in the wilderness jeez you may even see pictures of 
me hugging a tree!!LOL.. no maybe not that one:)

deleting a old myspace(you remember that place!:) account lately takes a LONG TIME longer then i expected! Retrieving long lost pictures that i haven't seen in years no less has me all teared up..the kids were so small..and we look so different then, in fact we were different people then too...

summer is here and i couldn't be happier for us all, thank you god for all our seasons 
because living here has me thankful for when the summer heat finally comes!!! bring it on

Happy Thursday to you and God bless
with much love, this girls journey

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  1. Yay for fixed vans!!! :) So happy your girls are better and thanks for the prayers :)