Wednesday, May 2, 2012

sick mama..:?/

So after almost 2weeks of this cold and then walking pneumonia hitting my house and all the sweet souls in it I thought i had steered clear of it all together! NOPE!! Last night during my second attempt to watch "The Hunger Games"(the first time it was sold out!) i began hacking and coughing and boy i was trying so hard to do it quietly and really there was no way i was going to miss it this time!:)
So I'm sick.. but the movie was good!!! but so hard for this mama to watch!
 Really reading it is completely different then watching all of that play out on screen but i won't say any more about the film so i don't give it away..:)
The Tissue Mustache..the tissue is my best friend today:0)

So whats a girl t0 do with her day while she barely can breath and is aching all over..NOTHING!!! yep nothing but reading and resting, catching up on daytime TV drama (which i never do!:) and snuggle with little Vi in bed. 
Because even poor Violet is dealing with this cold now:( 
Its really hard to see little 
babies sick and her sweet little cry sounds all raspy and sad 
ahh it just breaks my heart! Praying for quick healing!!
Well i better go and rest up besides THE View is starting and i look forward to arguing with the ladies of THE VIEW about almost everything..LOL:)

Happy Wednesday friends!! hope its a good hump day for you
with much love, this girls journey


  1. I feel bad for laughing at your picture because your sick... But that tissue mustache is so funny!!!

    Feel better Momma!

  2. We need to get together and talk about It!

  3. We need to get together and talk about It!

  4. We need to get together and talk about It!