Thursday, June 21, 2012

A anniversary of sorts..thoughts for thursday

Awhile back.,well to be exact in May, i realized this little space of mine had a Anniversary!! 2 years ago i starting sharing pieces of my life, thoughts, pictures that bring me joy
And can i just say i was truly amazed that it had already been 2years! I mean really?? 
So as much as i wanted to celebrate this space and give a shout out to all who have read and encouraged me through this little wee blog:) I first wanted to read every blog post. I wanted to see what had changed and what my heart was sharing then..

Its taken some time for me to get through it all but i think some of my very first POST brought me to tears and i loved them so much. I realized i love who this girl is. I love how God made me.. and i have to be honest its taken a long time for me to love myself and find the joy in the simple things in life so to speak. I always thought my life had to be this certain way before i could be completely happy. That what i did or the title i carried had to give me my joy, my worth and peace. I've made peace with so many of my hang ups through this little haven. 

I love the fact that i get to share this little space most of all
with family and friends i never get to see. Some far some near
they all get to see and be apart of my everyday life.
And sometimes when new blogging friends get encouragement through  my own story and flaws i've shared..well folks there's really no greater feeling then to encourage and make a difference in another's life. 
So does it make it easy to no. Especially when you know so many others are reading and of course when you share your heart you open that door for judgement. Because lets face it not everyone will like what you write or share sometimes. And thats a constant thing. I think about it and then i let it go. Its none
of my business what others think of me! I know Easier said then done. But when i choose to look at what my heavenly father says about his love for me and focus on the love and encouragement around me. I'm able to let go of my own harsh judgments of myself. 

The cool thing is when you learn the purpose of a thing you understand the role it plays in you life which free's you up to find the joy in it.I think i learned that this year and blogging became something else entirely. And so much is going to change with too. I'm a work in progress always changing and i do pray and hope that i continue to GROW! So i've set some goals..Words have power. I have some different intentions for what i want with this little space of change is coming 

And its all GOOD!

So here's a very late THANK you, GRACIAS!!! 
For all the love and words of encouragement i'm so very thankful:)

God Bless you on this Thursday!!
with much love, this girls journey
xoxo, aligna

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