Sunday, June 24, 2012

Instagram LOVE Monday dump:))

 **summer sun brings all kind of discoveries and adventures and
instagram/photo app is one of my favorite things ever that i've used to capture all kinds of memories and first*

 *Can we just agree that summer is where almost everything grows and thrives. I mean my kids alone grow at least an inch or two it seems in just a few months of sunshine and heat! 
*Great time for laying on the beach(sunscreen must!:) and catching up on my summer reading list

* Summer Date nights are the best! And so is hanging with family over the weekend that brought so much joy to my heart. Cue in my Salt water shoes AKA**kelle hampton** shoes(LOVE THEM!!) Great fit and very cute my little Jaz sports the same pair but in white and she loves em:)
* Finish the weekend with a gorgeous dreamy wedding and my Mamas birthday + familia time. The light saber battle between cousins was the sweetest thing to witness this weekend:)

**Full and rich weekend friends 
Hoping you had a lovely weekend too!

**So Fix Your eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen". 2Cor.4:18

God bless!!, with much love, this girls journey
xoxo aligna

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