Tuesday, June 19, 2012

LOVE&Reality TV or....not:\

Ok so first off i watched the Bachelorette last night while i tried my very best to tackle the four loads of laundry i have hiding in my bedroom:)) & which i NEVER watch until the last show if by chance i catch it just to see who they actually pick so i've always missed the process of how things are done on the show. Let me just say i was SHOCKED!! Of course once i started watching it i just couldn't stop i was like a deer caught in the headlights. 

I kept talking to the TV saying seriously?? I mean this is suppose to be your love story and this is how you want to meet him..
I really can't see the romance in kissing every single guy to try them out(SO GROSS), mess with each heart and then choose the best fit..ikk!
and then its seems  some people just want to be famous and are born stars and dare i already say the next Bachelor:)

I feel bad for that girl she seems so sweet and she's gorgeous so really do you need this type of show to find the man of your dreams? I don't think she should pick any of them!! I just kept thinking run run seriously! there has to be a better way for you to meet someone.
Of course i'm looking at this completely from a christian perspective, in that i really wish LOVE and finding your future mate wasn't destroyed and tainted by these kinds of reality shows. My daughter 
walked in while the Bachelorette was giving away the roses and asked about the show, i really was at a lost for words as how to explain what was going on..'so you see honey she is giving out roses for the guys she likes the best and then at the end she picks one to marry and their whole love story is taped for the world to see".. and to this i got the 'look' from my 7 year old that said it all! That is so weird!! yep your right honey this is not how you meet the man that God has for you this is all suppose to be entertainment..scary thought though
If this is entertainment for people its no wonder the show advertised for starting afterwards was sounding ten times worse and disgusting!

And so there you have it my little ramblings of mine are of course no judgement on those of you who do love the show REALLY!! I may not understand it though so forgive this girl for not biting in to this 
piece of reality TV.. i tried:\

God bless you on this Tuesday!
with much love, this girls journey
xoxo, aligna

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