Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday..

Decluttering is on the brain of late.
And lots of it..
If i felt like sharing pictures of my closets(which i don't!:)
 and the many boxes of clothes which have been put aside for consignments stores and goodwills you'd be amazed!!
Its been on my heart for sometime now and i really should say our heart.
We just feel the need for LESS! The things, even the littlest of clutter starts to get in the way of other more meaningful just not seeing it for starters! 
And for the past 12 years of marriage we've moved a lot. With all that moving though we always had the chance to go through all our things and giveaway so much that we just didn't need. It always felt so good to start over. 
There was a time when we were in between places in our lives and we lived with so little we sold everything and put the rest in storage and lived out of suitcases with our kids EVEN! 
At our parents house *God bless their hearts** 
When we finally got the job my husband needed and could finally afford rent we moved out a YEAR LATER FOLKS!! cue in another PRAISE GOD please:))
we were amazed at how much we didn't miss about our in we could not even remember what we had in storage at all. We were surprised and awed by the experience.
We realized we didn't need any of it at all.
The feeling that we had just enough to live with was such a great feeling let me tell you…

So now we are about to go on 2years of living in the same
place with no moves being foreseen in the near future *Praise God* 
unless we buy a house) a hem *Praying for that*
Now the house is starting to close in on me people!
Reading a book recently with the chapter called
"Get Rid of Anything That Isn't Useful, Beautiful, or Joyful"
hey i would even go further in saying even if its pretty and can bring joy but its been hiding in your closet with no purpose for a year!! TOSS IT:))
*totally preaching to myself**

"Decluttering forces you to let go of the past. It creates an opening for the future. What are you making room for? New ways to experience leisure and romance, creativity and serenity. New hobbies, new friends,new goals. Once you evict the excess, you can embrace the essentials: that which is beautiful, meaningful, and enhances your life. 
When you finally let go of the person you used to be, you get to discover the person you are now and make room for the person you want to become." -Regina Brett

Hey i see a purpose for all the things surrounding me even if i can't use them anymore..somebody can, someone may have a need and me hoarding my stuff is already stealing someone else's joy. And i don't want to do that for sure!!
I want to be obedient and give and then give some more... Because i already feel so blessed and i have more then i'll ever need. I think everything we went through, the struggling financially for so long taught me how to be content with what i had and finding my joy in my heavenly father. Enjoying the small things for me is finding the joy in experiences and relationships rather than how much i can have or what i don't have yet..

So here goes operation #1 clean house 
aka- Declutter Mission!
I'm on my way my friends!!
*Prayers will be much appreciated since i know i may have internal battles with some of my stuff**

Happy Thursday to you and God bless!!
with much love, this girls journey

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