Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TUESDAY Beauty Files: Summer Must Haves!

I'm making my Tuesday's part of a Beauty Files series 
where i'll of course share with you all the info i know 
on all kinds of Beauty ideas and wellness advice
So i'm starting it off by sharing with you whats inside my BAG this summer
My summer go to products my MUST HAVES you cans say!
These happen to be some of my favorite products this summer that i carry with me.
Mabeyline  Concealer dark circle eraser I LOVE! 
Because in the summer i like to wear as little on my face as possible 
this concealer goes a long way. I just add POSIE TINT liquid blush to my cheeks to add a glow. But first I apply Aveeno Sunscreen SPF 30 works for me. No residue left behind and makes my skin feel moisturized. Burts Bees MANGO nourishing chapstick is the best for keeping my lips soft and protected in the summer sun.
Almay KOHL eyeliner in black gives my eyes an instant brightness for day or night for a more smoky eyed look.
And lastly for my hair i've been using MORACAN oil (which i've talked about before and its not pictured here) to protect and soften the ends especially from sun damage. The Not your Mothers BEACH BABE Texturizing SEA SALT Spray is my new favorite product to use for the summer. Gives you instant pretty beach hair!
You can also make your own using the recipe below
  • 8 fl. oz. of distilled or filtered water.
  • A clean spray bottle. It's best if you have one in your house, or else, you can get a cheap one from a grocery store. Make sure it can hold at least 8 fl. oz. to 10 fl. oz. of distilled or filtered water.
  • Sea Salt (finely grounded sea salt available in the market works better and mixes well. It may cost you around $2.50). Use 1 teaspoon for each 8 fl. oz. of water.
  • A coconut scented conditioner. Use ½ teaspoon but you can use more if you have dry hair.
  • A dab of unscented hair gel, or else, scent of the gel will interfere with the scent of the conditioner. Also, don't mix the hair gel that is too thick or they won't mix well. Instead, use higher hold gel for stronger hold.
What are your summer MUST HAVES?? DO share!?

Happy Tuesday to you& God bless!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. Oh I love Benefit! I used their lip tint... is it the same as the cheek tint?


    1. I love benefit too jennifer! And no i find the cheek tint to be to runny for the lips..i would love to try the lip tint though!

  2. oh i love this! you are so pretty and have THE best skin, and so i want to hear all about the producs you use :) ive used that aveeno and loved it.

    1. Erin you are so sweet honey!! Thanks so much and i hope to share a bunch more each week on products i try and use daily:))