Friday, July 6, 2012

A not to SHABBY Week of celebrations!

Our 4th of July was filled and yet not as crazy as other years were we go go go all day till the fireworks begin and then crash like no bodies business into our beds.
No this year we took it nice and slow and easy
a little parade, some tubing down our local river
Spent some much loved time with my brother and family which was awesome since i never get to see this handsome man! He's all grown up and i love the man he is, really i couldn't be any prouder of this guy.( I already miss him) I got to meet his beautiful sweet girlfriend and she was a HIT! let me tell ya the kids just loved her too:) 

So yes MY CUP was full this week over get togetherness and soaking up all the love and sunshine around me. And honestly if you have friends and family to spend these monumental celebrations with consider yourself SO BLESSED!! Really:)
I know that when those Fireworks began all the work and stress of getting our family of six & plus some down to the beach just melted away…
I heard Gods sweet majestic whisper of sweet promises and peace just wash over me. Its magical isn't it. I don't think i ever paid so much attention to the beauty of those lights on past years. It may have something to do with little kids distracting me but this year everyone was mesmerized by them. All you could here was our oohhss and ahhhss. I will admit to a few tears of joy falling as the finale came upon us in a loud but beautiful display

Something so significant as our countries birthday could not be better celebrated then flashes of light  that boom with loud glorious sound!
I heard a lady behind us say loudly over the fireworks " i just love our country!"
See,so there you have it folks could not be better said. I'm proud to be A American and proud and thankful for all the GOOD it stands for!

Hope you all had a wonderful week full of joy and being present is the greatest gift you'll ever give yourself and live:)

Happy Weekend friends and God bless!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. sounds like a great fourth! glad it was a little more relaxing for you this year. happy weekend.

  2. LOVE the pictures! SO HAPPY your whole family was together. XOXO

  3. You have such a beautiful family :) And you, friend, are gorgeous! :) Love ya!