Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesdays Beauty Files..Fashionista!

OK so i am some what of a thrift store JUNKIE! 
I find designer, no name, vintage brand clothing you name it at many hot spots around our area. So shopping for me is more like finding a piece of treasure even if its not for me! 
But today i thought I'd switch things up a bit and 
show you a dress (that i actually bought at the store!! Lol

Yes taken with the iPhone..lame but i cringe still at buying a new camera AGAIN!! 

 Dress- Rue 21..half off of course:)
Dark Brown thin leather belt-Rue 21
Shoes- Forever 21 14.99 (souvenir from NEW YORK trip:)

This dress makes me feel so pretty and fun.
 Its by far my most favorite summer dress!
Its this light weight cotton and so comfortable to wear in this amazing HOT summer we've had.

Do you have a favorite piece this summer that just makes you feel extra nice??
I hope you do!! You deserve it:)

Happy Tuesday and God bless!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. love your dress! I never find anything at rue 21 but I wish I had found this!


  2. I have this black linen dress a great friend gave me! Perfectly light weight and a slimming color! ;)