Monday, July 30, 2012

TUESDAYS Beauty Files:)LOVE brings out the beauty in EVERYONE!

This past weekend on Sunday to be exact the hubby and I celebrated 12 years of marriage!
I know we can't believe it either really!!
I THINK that a woman in LOVE is the most beautiful woman EVER!!!
Don't you know or remember being that bride that just glowed with LOVE:))

Now not everyday do i feel that glow of love (being that I'm no rookie to marriage and all:0) 
 But i have to say that this man still can and does bring me so much LOVE, ROMANCE and JOY. 
12 years have gone by so quickly. So many changes take place in any individuals life and i consider it a  honor and a blessing that God saw fit to partner me with this amazing, loving, thinker, dreamer, Romantic of a man!

There's a line a movie i saw recently that moved me so much  a Bride toasting to her new Husband 
it went something like this..

"May you never steal, lie, or cheat, but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, and if you must cheat, then please cheat death because I couldn't live a day without you. Cheers!"

I know that if i had written my own vows i would have slipped this part in there somewhere.
Our Romantic love story is beautiful and imperfect but made perfect through God who has continued to work out our kinks:)
If i'd known how much more our love would grow and mature after all these years i might have complained less..
and been thankful whole lot more for the man i married! 

Happy Anniversary to us!! CHEERS on 12 years of our blessed life together and the wonderful kids that God has given cup runneth over
And Happy Tuesday to you and God bless!!

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