Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Snapshots..Its family

A Family Reunion is by any definition A EVENT!
Our last week and weekend have been FULL to say the least!
And although ever year or two when we have them i'm still so surprised by all the changes and differences amongst us.
I look forward to them even though i know we will be exhausted my kids will hardly sleep and yes there might be a melt down thrown in there from time to sometimes ME! But..I still love it

       We are A American Family. We are all so unique, we all have different paths and family lifestyles
Yet we have one common cord that runs through us and i think thats our FAITH and I really LOVE that about our family

I love our family 
and although there is nothing easy about getting this many family members together for a weekend reunion when all is said and done we will miss them and be glad for the time we got to catch up

jasmine was so sad to see her cousin bethany go..can you tell;)

see our children build friendships
make connections with each other 

Among all the reunion togetherness my daddy turned 73!! 

If you can believe it! I've got some good genes i think:))

Happy Monday to you and God bless 
Hope you all had a wonderful week and weekend!
with much love, this girls journey

P.S Had to share this cute picture of this wedding taking place on the beach..dont you love the umbrellas!

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  1. Those umbrellas are super cute! What a great time! AND great memories!