Friday, August 31, 2012

ITS HER 1st Birthday!!!! VIOLET JOY:)


YOU SAY WOOOW AND WOW A LOT..We can't help but laugh every time!
You started walking around 10 1/2 months but really started booking it around 11 months.
You call Jasmine- JA JA 
and your brothers are both elijah to you:) You use to call me MUM and now its mama and dad.
YOU love tomatoes now! You in general really like food:))

Oh and sweetie you love to go outside! You crave it even, you stand by the window and stare out at the birds screaming all kinds of sounds/words we don't understand but boy its cute!!

You have bonded so much with your Elijah..i think its the hair:) and that he treats you like a little person like only Elijah our old soul can.
You say "who's that?" and "What's that?" so much it makes you feel so big we think. Again its adorable how you try to catch up to your siblings down the hall and sneak into their bedrooms to take a toy or lego out.

Loving and silly you are our sweet Violet Joy. And as surely we had named you it prophetically brought in a abundance of JOY into all our lives.
Ok so this week you fell in love with Elmo and Big bird on sesame street. It was love at first site! No joke!! it was by far one of the highlights of your mamas week:)

Makes us want to have 4 more just like you baby!!

Happy Birthday to our Violet Joy:)
Happy Weekend friends!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

and here I sit..If you asked me...:)

Its been a sweet beginning to the new school year. Everyday getting easier to say goodbye waking up at 6:45 and all
Really, i think the week before was the hardest. All that preparing and nervous excitement energy around had everyone on some strange emotional wave. Well its all good now the quite has turned into time to reflect plan plan on a great oh even better year then my last

And if you'd ask i'd say 'hey friend have you read the book BLOOM by Kelle Hampton if you haven't you should! Opened my eyes to so much..many things that i admire and feel changed by ..
theres no going back when your eyes have been opened to certain revelations
 only onward and forward people!!

*i would tell you that Jasmine(my daughter) you have the kindest sweetest earnest spirit that I've ever encountered. You are such a blessing to my heart a great sissy that you are. I love how eager and willing you are to make new friends. 

*i would say that having a community of loving and encouraging friends is like air to me…and at one time sad to say not a priority in my life….
for whatever reason may it be disappointment, heartbreak over friendships, motherhood, exhaustion! You name it friends there have been some major obstacles i had built against making or investing in real friends..MOVE over boulder i got this now!! So sorry i had to do a little victory shout out:))
 I am forever changed by the women that speak into my life. Over the years i've met some pretty amazing women that i still thank god for everyday some near me now and some VERY far:(

*i would say that today was HOT out and here i was taking out fall stuff you know sweaters..yeah whatever! I'm still going to wear my summer dresses like nobodies business…should snow be the first sign..hmm

*i would say that my creative process has been all over the place lately and i have had the good sense to give myself some grace
enjoying the small things in life now:), like spending the whole afternoon talking with a friend about life, walks, snuggling with my baby rather then just laying her down in a hurry.. oh you know,
 i just feel that when i'm present with my children now i don't go to bed with regrets..maybe a little more tired but never regret for my time invested in them and in my hubby

*i would say to you MY BABY TURNS 1 so soon! So not ready to write that post yet..

*i would say  is there anything good on TV these days?? O i think not! I m daily counting the days till "Downton Abbey" aahhhh Premiere party anyone?:)))

* I would say to you its been nice writing a little and catching up on the bloggy world i would also say ENJOY your weekend, LOVE on your familia, HUG your friends, DRINK coffee,tea, a glass of wine whatever! kick your feet up and SMILE
.. cause sweetie you look 5 years maybe even 10 years younger already!!!:)

Many blessings to you!
Happy Friday xoxo-aligna

Monday, August 20, 2012

walking for some happy..

Today had been the first day of school for my kids and boy were they ready! I only had to turn the lights on and they shot right up and into those cute uniforms. Backpacks were worn at the breakfast table and asking me for the current time was asked every 2 minutes(no joke!)
I know this excitement will run its course and by week 2 or 3 at latest i'll be dragging their little buns out of bed

I'm a proud mama of these kids for sure

Along with this new day came ton of emotions you know the usual ones of 
a mama dealing with a new season of changes.
It was not an easy day. I felt tremendous discouragement and me being sick along with my 
11month old was not helping either. So by 8 tonight i was staring at my front door.
YES prayers were said baby was in bed and mama was heading out for some much needed time 

You know whats crazy even saying i want time alone brings on unnessasary guilt
I hate that!!!! I needed that time to clear my head, pray about whats really going on inside 
and just talk to God about it all. 
Have you ever done that? Talked out loud to the lord..yeah i know my Menenite neighbors probably find me a little crazy but i just don't care. 
My driveway provides the perfect haven for my loud sometimes weepy conversations
and on the way back i might have walked a little slower but my heart was less heavy 
and i was ready to face my family with more joy!

Hope you all had lovely weekend and are enjoying the sweet coolness that fall is bringing:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Thankful Heart..

A Thankful heart is the greatest gift you can give yourself i believe
I really can't think of anything that makes your heart(MIND) so much clarity and fullness of joy as knowing and listing all the things you have to be thankful for!

My sweet friend Erin from Sweetness Itself 
(thank god for sweet friends like her!)
inspired me to account for al the things i have to be thankful for. 
So i made my list last night and realized i've never intentionally written a list like this before maybe i've written a few things in my prayer journal but i don't think i've been this intentional about it. I needed to do it too. This last month has had been a struggle for me in many areas 
and being thankful and needing to be reminded of all the many things in my life i have to be thankful for was very much needed!!
 When our mind and hearts has been clouded 
with sadness, discontent, anxiety,comparisons of others, 
when you start to feel like your life is not so great at the moment 
Make a journal just for it, Instagram your list and hash tag it #thankfulsweetness to join in with Erin & other thankful friends, share your list, you just might be the encouragement someone needs to be thankful for their life
 Because I'm pretty sure we all have a lot to be thankful for:)
My list for the day:)
Last night i was cruising through Pintrest and typed in THANKFULLNESS for words
of encouragement and it did not disappoint!
Here's some great wall words that would be a wonderful daily reminder to be a
Thankful person in the world around you!
What a blessing we can be to one another if we live life from a thankful heart
Many blessings to you!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

LIFE Lately..

Lately i feel as though our house is recovering from lots of events,
great events in fact but none the less we are tired & more often then not
we are resting from colds and long hours at work and planning for a new school year that has me sad and excited for my kids..
Shopping is pretty much finished and uniforms are being organized for the big day back to school. I'm a little emotional about my older ones going back to school
We work together and talk all day long
reading in the afternoons with the kids, my workout in the morning being accompanied by Elijah or Jasmine (i will miss them so much!)
i mean yeah i like any mama do desire some quite time and a break from the mayhem 
but there's so much silence and emptiness when they are all gone..
Oh my and poor Violet is going to be yelling Elijah a lot for days and kissing their pictures

Its going to be an adjustment to say the least and there will be tears probably from only ME!
And i will try my best to not cry to much in front of them and take pictures quickly so they can run inside and start their new year as a 2nd grader and two 5th graders 
This is all a BIG DEAL folks!
Pray for this mamas heart:))
A series of thankful moments in my LIFE

Seeing my lovely sister in law

Party in the park was enjoyed by the family. Jaz loving on her first cousin always brings my heart joy

Date Nights are priceless for our marriage. We are so blessed to have these nights together 
Many blessings to you from this girls journey

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 She is growing and changing so fast. Everyday i have to catch my breath and quickly write a memory down in my journal of her NEW habit or trick. 
 I love how she kisses her sister like she loves her with her every being. And she looks for her bug sister for praise and rescue at every turn.
 I love how she snuggles and calls me MUM like a little british babe:) 
 How she snuggles right up under my arm almost every morning after she eats and pats my back as if to say "its ok mom go back to sleep now I'm good..
 I love how she wrinkles her nose and how she wobbles fast through the house saying "WOWww" all the time now..This mama wants to make time stop and for all its worth i know that i  know its just not possible for me to hold my baby back from growing

I still hope.. I hope that she stays this way a little longer
We sit and laugh with her our little ball of JOY 
Her first birthday is coming upon us and i feel so many emotions running through me
thankful, blessed, overjoyed, loved, lucky to have my kids healthy, strong, and loved 
and praying to really be present for all these moments these bittersweet moments that take my breath away..

Hope your having a lovely week and enjoying these last few days of summer
I AM:)