Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Thankful Heart..

A Thankful heart is the greatest gift you can give yourself i believe
I really can't think of anything that makes your heart(MIND) so much clarity and fullness of joy as knowing and listing all the things you have to be thankful for!

My sweet friend Erin from Sweetness Itself 
(thank god for sweet friends like her!)
inspired me to account for al the things i have to be thankful for. 
So i made my list last night and realized i've never intentionally written a list like this before maybe i've written a few things in my prayer journal but i don't think i've been this intentional about it. I needed to do it too. This last month has had been a struggle for me in many areas 
and being thankful and needing to be reminded of all the many things in my life i have to be thankful for was very much needed!!
 When our mind and hearts has been clouded 
with sadness, discontent, anxiety,comparisons of others, 
when you start to feel like your life is not so great at the moment 
Make a journal just for it, Instagram your list and hash tag it #thankfulsweetness to join in with Erin & other thankful friends, share your list, you just might be the encouragement someone needs to be thankful for their life
 Because I'm pretty sure we all have a lot to be thankful for:)
My list for the day:)
Last night i was cruising through Pintrest and typed in THANKFULLNESS for words
of encouragement and it did not disappoint!
Here's some great wall words that would be a wonderful daily reminder to be a
Thankful person in the world around you!
What a blessing we can be to one another if we live life from a thankful heart
Many blessings to you!


  1. i love this :) thanks for the shout-out, girl - and i just love your heart so much. thankful for YOU - you inspire me and you are such a great role model as a wife, momma and daughter of God :)