Thursday, August 23, 2012

and here I sit..If you asked me...:)

Its been a sweet beginning to the new school year. Everyday getting easier to say goodbye waking up at 6:45 and all
Really, i think the week before was the hardest. All that preparing and nervous excitement energy around had everyone on some strange emotional wave. Well its all good now the quite has turned into time to reflect plan plan on a great oh even better year then my last

And if you'd ask i'd say 'hey friend have you read the book BLOOM by Kelle Hampton if you haven't you should! Opened my eyes to so much..many things that i admire and feel changed by ..
theres no going back when your eyes have been opened to certain revelations
 only onward and forward people!!

*i would tell you that Jasmine(my daughter) you have the kindest sweetest earnest spirit that I've ever encountered. You are such a blessing to my heart a great sissy that you are. I love how eager and willing you are to make new friends. 

*i would say that having a community of loving and encouraging friends is like air to me…and at one time sad to say not a priority in my life….
for whatever reason may it be disappointment, heartbreak over friendships, motherhood, exhaustion! You name it friends there have been some major obstacles i had built against making or investing in real friends..MOVE over boulder i got this now!! So sorry i had to do a little victory shout out:))
 I am forever changed by the women that speak into my life. Over the years i've met some pretty amazing women that i still thank god for everyday some near me now and some VERY far:(

*i would say that today was HOT out and here i was taking out fall stuff you know sweaters..yeah whatever! I'm still going to wear my summer dresses like nobodies business…should snow be the first sign..hmm

*i would say that my creative process has been all over the place lately and i have had the good sense to give myself some grace
enjoying the small things in life now:), like spending the whole afternoon talking with a friend about life, walks, snuggling with my baby rather then just laying her down in a hurry.. oh you know,
 i just feel that when i'm present with my children now i don't go to bed with regrets..maybe a little more tired but never regret for my time invested in them and in my hubby

*i would say to you MY BABY TURNS 1 so soon! So not ready to write that post yet..

*i would say  is there anything good on TV these days?? O i think not! I m daily counting the days till "Downton Abbey" aahhhh Premiere party anyone?:)))

* I would say to you its been nice writing a little and catching up on the bloggy world i would also say ENJOY your weekend, LOVE on your familia, HUG your friends, DRINK coffee,tea, a glass of wine whatever! kick your feet up and SMILE
.. cause sweetie you look 5 years maybe even 10 years younger already!!!:)

Many blessings to you!
Happy Friday xoxo-aligna

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  1. LOVE this!!! Such stages we go through. Happy you are my forever friend!