Monday, August 13, 2012


Gods pretty Inspiring too:)

This rainbow was so beautiful i know my picture doesn't do it justice

Inspiration comes i think in many forms
Books i read, songs i hear, Pintrest:) 
Reading the bible, reading inspiring  Blogs,
long talks with friends and hearing their hearts, a cup of tea with warm fresh bread,
the sunset,the soft cool rain (which happened a lot this weekend and we absolutely enjoyed our Sunday rainy day;)
i mean how can you not be inspired by the many souls that work so hard for 4years for a chance to do their very best
to give their all in front of the world..NOW thats Inspiring!!!!
So thankful to the Lord for his continuing love and inspiration he's placed around me and lately..
i've been inspired to start a BOOK ClUB with friends and hopefully in the future make NEW ones through our gatherings. 
I have always wanted to be apart of a book club
I had been praying about this for some time now 
and i feel like its finally time that i can  start one
We are starting with Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
this book has been a favorite of mine for so long and a yearly read for me.
Its so moving and speaks right into your heart on so many levels its just soooo
GOOD!! If you haven't read it read along with us i'll post about the book as we go along too. And if you could pray for us ladies when you can. Pray that our time together can be a time thats refreshing & filled with encouragement

So much of what i'm looking forward to this year is about expanding my territory 
being apart of small groups and finding ways to apart of my community to serve 
and meet new people
Its exciting but i wouldn't be honest if i said it takes some courage and stepping out of my comfort zone to do some of the things God has asked and placed on my heart
I don't know about you but i love finding inspiring and encouraging things to read 
and lately its been popping up all over the blog world and i love it! 
The world is constantly throwing all kids of mean and cynical things at us daily 
and to find joy & encouragement is always a GREAT thing, a wonderful surprise!!

My prayer is that your being encouraged in your life!!
Many blessings to you from this girls journey,

P.S. My friend beka over at A BLOG by B* is doing something wonderful 
that i think all of us can be apart off
Encouraging each other and staying connected in such a cool way so check it out! **HERE**

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